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When the poor little dog was no longer valuable, the cruel owner threw it into the forest but was miraculously saved and recovered. zero

We were walking our rescue dog in the deep woods when our dogs suddenly heard her screams from deep in the bushes and alerted us to save her.

Her pictures break our hearts. This poor girl could not walk, her whole body trembled in an effort to protect herself.

Hope was abused for nourishment her entire life and thrown away when she became sick and was no longer useful. Unable to walk and starved, she was left there to die.

Her body was full of wounds and pain, her skin was tortured and red.

We went to the vet and she went through all the necessary tests. Hope’s back is crooked, most likely she was forced to spend her entire life in a cage. She is desperate and does not want to communicate with the outside world.

After testing, we discovered that she had a very large hernia. Her pelvis was broken, which explained why she couldn’t walk. We hope she won’t be completely paralyzed!

Currently at the veterinary clinic, Hope is receiving emergency critical care and is hospitalized for stabilization and observation.

Four days later, Hope came home with our volunteer Krista, with lots of medicine and supplements. Little darling, you are safe, you are loved. You will never have to suffer again…

One month later…

The vets were very pleased with her progress. Finally strong enough, she had hernia surgery and was castrated at the same time.

Hope becomes sociable and enjoys being around humans. And she built new friendships.

Nearly three months later, Hope has fully recovered. Hope has found her forever family in Metha. She is very happy and that makes us very happy too.

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