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When Dutch fishermen nabbed a two-headed dolphin last week, it was an unexpected meeting (VIDEO) BLACK

Dutch fishermen had an unexpected encounter last week when they caught a two-headed porpoise near Hoek van Holland. A captivating video featuring this peculiar marine creature quickly went viral, garnering thousands of views.

This remarkable discovery unfolded in the North Sea when a few Dutch fishermen unintentionally hauled up the lifeless body of a two-headed porpoise in their trawler’s net. While the creature was already deceased when it was brought on board, this doesn’t diminish the significance of the find.

The bizarre specimen had been captured as a bycatch in the trawler’s net and presented the fishermen with a unique opportunity for documentation through photographs and videos. Due to their belief that it might be illegal to keep such an unusual creature on board, the fishermen decided to release it back into the sea. This decision, though understandable, was a substantial loss for the scientific community as it prevented further examination and study of this rare phenomenon.


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