Unbelievable! A woman from Uganda gives birth to 44 children from one father at the age of 40


Mariam Nabatanzi, a woman from Uanaa who went by the name Africa, sparked the internet and gained notoriety for having 44 children by the same man at the age of 40.

She is known as Mother Uanaa, the world’s most reproductive woman, and is from Uanaa in East Africa.

She has 22 males and 16 daughters; her most recent child was born in December 2016. The mother of 44 children is a single parent who cares for her children after her spouse abandoned the family and stole all of their money.

It is remarkable that the mother gave birth to so many children without special medical care. Due to Mama Uanaa’s excessive fecundity, doctors warned her that she could have too many children, and that if she ceased having children, she could develop health issues.



Mother Uanaa’s parents arranged for her marriage at age 12; she gave birth to her first child at age 13. She gave birth to tins, triplets, and Quaaruplets on four separate occasions after having a single child at first (5 times).


In a video of her house that Explorer Joe Hattab uploaded to the internet on his Facebook page, Mama Uɢanaa said that her husband left her and took the money. It is terrible that only 38 of the 44 children she gave birth to are still with us, while six of them have passea aᴡaʏ.


Mariam works all hours of the day and night as a professional beautician, event decorator, and herbal medicine artisan. She solicits donations and other sources of income in an effort to provide for her children.

The bunk mattresses on which Mama Uanaa’s children lay were gifts from a generous Arab man who assisted her in enrolling her children in formal education.

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