Touching portraits: Watching brothers gradually turn into trees

Huh, they are all born normal, but on their fourth birthday everything changes and they all get caught with this unknown disorder.

Whenever they have fall they can’t manage to do any single activity.

Their Father says they always locked inside.

They don’t talk, they don’t walk, they can’t even stand upright.

They are stiff as trees.

These children have been leaving us trees from over the past decade and their mother abandoned them, but they further vowed to never give up on them.

Meet these children who are perishing.

We all face storms in life.

Some are more difficult than others, but we all go through trials and tribulation.

That’s why we have the gift of faith.

This old man was married to his wife back in 1998 and they produced nine children, but five of them, as they follow each other, all have same disabilities.

Surprisingly, they are born normal, but whenever they reach at age 4, they are caught with a disability that makes them as stiff as trees.

Apart from the elder one who was caught with this disability at 14 years of age, he is now 22.. the Father says that it has been 10 years since the mother abandoned them.

In a sorrowful response, he says he never wants to comment more about her wife because it brings him sorrows, depression and nightmares.

This one is called.

He’s 22.

He’s my first born.

The youngest among these is that one there who is 14.. you can’t even notice that one is 14 or he’s 22 because of this disease that has hindered their growth and development.

The further says that it all starts when a child is having some fever.

Then some body organs start bending and squeezing each other.

Then arms or legs fail to function until when the mouth stops talking, and they will.

Almost all of my children, whenever they make it to 4 years, they are caught with this disability.

Yet they are born no more apart from the first.

Born was caught at 14 years, then dropped out of school.

Most of the times when they about to be caught, their legs become weak and can no longer support movement and they can’t work anymore.

When you try talking to them, you can notice they have the will and they to communicate with you, but all in vain, because they can’t say a single word.

All they do is stammering, but the youngest of all is the one who can try speaking, though it’s very difficult to understand what he’s talking about here.

We were asking him to say his names.

Another few things everest.

The Father to these children says that according to his own view, he’s also not sure if doctors can cure his children.

He also insists that he’s not sure whether this might be poison.

Though he once took his children to the traditional doctors, but it never worked out.

I was born and lived in this area.

After my children got caught i took them to the local hospitals.

The results have always shown negative.

Yet my children are perishing from the young

one to the elder one.

I also took them to traditional doctors, but all in vain.

But people told me that these children won’t recover from this unknown disability.

So i stopped taking them to hospitals and brought them here at home, even talking they don’t.

As their disability kept on becoming worse, they kept on failing to speak even a single word.

Sometimes we wonder if their tongues are okay.

All they do is stammering.

The Father says that his first born was caught differently than others, because he had different signs.

At first he had eyes problem

And then he said he also had stomachache.

That day he was carrying food to his young brother.

Then he was tragically caught with this disability on his way, then taken to the hospital.

From then he always behaves like a mad person.

He then spent three months at the hospital.

From there he fell talking and there was no hospital willing to treat him from there.

Others were also called and i had to take them to several hospitals, but hence getting some results which were of no importance.

So i brought them here at home.

We took time and tried to talk to everyone of these children, but one child, Alex, the youngest, try to talk, though it’s very hard to understand some of what he talks, but the remaining do not even try speaking.

All they do is stammering foreign, but when they had this disability in the first few months they talked very well.

After the condition kept on becoming worse, they all were not able to talk once again.

But you can see that one can’t talk other not fluent, but you can get what he’s saying.

Having such children- yet there are many and not Normal- has affected me financially, because i had some little amount of money, but now it was spent on them- to different hospitals.

I have sold the cattle and pieces of land in order to afford the medical bill and transport.

I spent so much, yet i was not earning.

That’s why i say that it has made our family underdeveloped instead of developing.

The elder brother is the one who has a way of moving from one place to another, which is crawling.

Others need someone to lift them and take them somewhere.

He adds that it’s one of the reasons why most of them are always locked inside.

The Father says that he has been struggling to raise these children alone, who are all sick.

He added that these children love their mother, but their mother seems not to be ready for parenting.

The man says he will not forgive his wife for mistakes she did to him.

Right now i’m looking for a school or any other institution that can help me in taking care of them.

There are some schools for the disabled people.

The problem will be paying their school fees so that they can remain in those institutions.

I think it can be productive and, even before that, as a single parent, raising them and affording all what they need is very difficult.

Like even washing them is a big task because there are many.

Sometimes, when i’m not available and it rains, they suffer until my return.

Maintaining their hygiene is also a difficult task to accomplish, but no matter what, i’ll never give them up.

Every single experience, every single thing that’s happened in our lives struggles, obstacles, trials and tribulations- you have to think they’ve all moulded us to become the character and people who we are today.

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