Three mated dogs cuddled up close to one another on an old blanket warmed the hearts of the rescuers. BLACK

Despite the fact that it is not an uncommon phenomenon, seeing a stray dog fighting to survive on a street is always heartbreaking. Living in inhumane conditions, and not having access to food or proper shelter is the main reason why a plethora of these dogs end up in catastrophic shape.

One of those stories comes from Southern California, where a family of three senior doggos was dumped on the street by their family.

They were left with nothing but an empty box and a blanket to protect them from the recent storm…

Curled Up Together, Trying To Stay Warm

Three dogs laying on the pic

The poor doggos were shivering under the blanket when the neighbors tried to help them. They were desperate to catch them and take them to a shelter, but they refused any kind of help. All three of them were extremely timid and they didn’t let anyone close.

Days passed and the dogs still stayed in the same place, so the local community decided to leave a pile of kibble and a bowl of water nearby, so the dogs could eat.

Three dogs laying near carhe Rescue

One of the neighbors contacted Suzette Hall, the founder of Logan’s Legacy from Irvine, California, who immediately responded and drove to the spot.

“There they were, shivering, huddled together on the blanket and box they were left with. Neighbors left food for them. They stayed in the exact spot for days,” Suzette wrote on her Instagram.

“They were scared of human touch.”

The dogs were extremely scared and wouldn’t let anyone touch them. They would run and hibutbbutb

Three dogs chilling in the street

First, Suzette set up two humane traps filled with delicious food. After some time, one of the dogs went straight in, but the action of the other two shocked Hall to the bone.

Instead of going for the food in the second trap, they literally stuck by their brother’s side, circling around the trap. They were clearly bonded and didn’t know life without each other, so they decided to remain close to their trapped sibling.

When Hall realized that luring them in the trap wouldn’t work, she decided to place their sibling in a van and leave the door open for the other two to enter. The loose canines came running straight up to it, and Suzette quickly closed the door.

“They were hesitant, but really wanted to be with their friend. I knew they would jump into my van, so after some time, they built up the courage and they jumped in. I quickly shut my door. I had them safe.”

Waiting For A Furever Home

three dogs in the house

Hall drove them to Camino Pet Hospital for a checkup, where she learned that all three of them had serious dental problems, but other than that – they were in good shape despite being seniors. The doggos were later named Jacob, Naomi, and Adam.

“Breaks my heart that they were dumped when they needed their family most. They are very sweet and give kisses to everyone,” says Suzette.

Today, the siblings are happy to be together, and even though they are still waiting to be adopted, they’re beyond happy to be cared for. They literally shower everyone with juicy kisses and affection, proving that they’ll be amazing pets once they enter their furever home!

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