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This wonderful house close to nature cannot be missed.

Front View

This small house with an area of 27sqm has an attractive country house style design. The facade looks simple with the use of white color and warm wooden elements on the door and roof. This small house is surrounded by fresh greenery, and the canopy of the terrace also has vines with beautiful flowers. This house is also look minimalist without using unnecessary ornaments.

Side View

The house has a size of 4.5 x 6 meters which makes it appear to extend to the back. The house has quite a lot of ventilation, so the inside of the house does not feel stuffy. A simple and affordable gable roof is used in this house. Although small, this house has quite complete facilities. There is an outdoor terrace, living room, kitchen, 1 bedroom, and also 1 bathroom. This house also uses a mezzanine floor inside, very interesting!

Open Space Area

The size of the land is not too large, so we have to make the best use of the available space. This house also makes good use of the space using the open space concept. The open space concept without room dividers, makes the room feel more spacious.

The living room and kitchen are directly connected without any partition. In addition to using the open space concept, this house also uses a mezzanine floor for the bedroom. With this mezzanine floor, this small house gets additional space. In addition, the mezzanine floor makes the roof design higher, so the house feels more spacious.

The interior design of this house also feels warm with the use of strong wood materials. This house has many windows, so it won’t feel stuffy. The interior selection is also right with a minimalist design but still functional.


This house is designed with a 1-bedroom loft. With the concept of a country-style house, this house uses wood on the floor and roof. While the walls are added with sweet white wall foam. This bedroom is equipped with a king-sized bed that fits 2 people with a wooden base.

The bottom of the bed has a large carpet so it doesn’t feel damp. Beside the bed, there are 2 small side tables with tiny bed lamps. The wardrobe and cabinet are made of vintage wood and rattan. The skylight roof above the room makes this room feel bright with natural lighting.


The house has 1 small bathroom with an estimated size of 1.2 x 2 meters. With its small size, this bathroom appears elongated. Therefore, this bathroom is laid out with a linear single wall layout. Although small, this bathroom has quite complete facilities, there is a sink, toilet, and shower box. The design is also interesting with the use of ceramic motifs on the floor and walls, the top of the sink is also equipped with a round mirror and a beautiful monstera.

Downstairs Area

This house makes the most of the available space. The area under the stairs is usually neglected. Though the area under the stairs can be utilized as a laundry area like this. The bottom of the stairs feels quite spacious. This small laundry area is equipped with a washing machine, clothes basket, and a cabinet and shelf containing drawers that can be used to store washing equipment.

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