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This poor husky was chained outside and tortured for over two long years. He was not allowed to eat or drink because the owner wanted revenge on his ex-wife.

This uncaring Husky dog endured more than two long years of torture while being chained outside. Due to his owner’s desire to avenge his ex-wife, he was denied access to food and water.

The vicious man had bought the animal as a precious gift for his wife when it was only a young puppy. But as time went on, they began to have relationship issues, and after much debate, they decided to call it quits and seek a divorce.

Facebook/Pet Angels Rescue

The man apparently became irritated with this choice and resolved to exact revenge on his ex-wife, and the only way he could think of to do it was to use the dog.

Facebook/Pet Angels Rescue

He chained the dog up, stopped giving it food, and planned to keep it there until it passed away. Fortunately, animal rights advocates learned about the case of animal mistreatment and intervened.

The dog was little more than a bag of bones when the advocacy group discovered him; he was very underweight and had practically no fur. After they checked on him and gave him some food and water, they made the decision to bring him to Pet Angels Rescue in Oklahoma because of his condition.

Facebook/Pet Angels Rescue

The dog did not object when he was placed in the car; instead, he made himself at home and slept off on the trip to the shelter. Everyone was taken aback by his demeanor; they couldn’t comprehend how an animal that had endured such abuse could still have faith in mankind.

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