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This is the cutting-edge CV90MkIV infantry fighting vehicle from BAE Systems.

BAE Systems has just unveiled their latest generation of infantry fighting vehicles – the CV90MkIV. This revolutionary new vehicle incorporates cutting-edge technologies that dramatically increase combat effectiveness and crew survival on the modern battlefield.

The CV90MkIV features a fully digital architecture and advanced sensors that provide unmatched situational awareness for the crew. The vehicle is equipped with a next-generation Active Protection System that can detect and intercept incoming threats like RPGs and anti-tank missiles. This active defense capability will be a game changer for protecting soldiers during high-intensity combat operations.

Another key innovation is the CV90MkIV’s hybrid-electric drive system. This combines electric motors and a conventional diesel engine to deliver silent mobility and increased fuel efficiency. The electric drive enables the vehicle to operate in all-electric mode during silent watch missions or sneak attacks. Once combat is initiated, the diesel engine kicks in to provide maximum power and speed to outmaneuver the enemy.

The main armament of the CV90MkIV consists of a state-of-the-art 35mm cannon paired with an advanced fire control system. This provides accurate and lethal firepower against a wide range of targets including armored vehicles, bunkers, and personnel. An optional unmanned turret can also be fitted for greater standoff capability.

Survivability gets a boost from the CV90MkIV’s unique crew capsule design which seats three crew members in a protected carbon fiber cell. This cell can survive underbelly blasts from mines or IEDs that would immobilize other vehicles. Overall, the CV90MkIV delivers unprecedented survivability and combat effectiveness in a compact, mobile package.

With its game-changing capabilities, the new CV90MkIV cements BAE System’s reputation for innovation. This vehicle ensures infantry forces maintain a decisive edge on future battlefields where threats are evolving rapidly. The CV90MkIV represents the pinnacle of protected mobility for ground combat troops, enabling new levels of maneuver, lethality, and survivability.

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