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The touching and challenging journey of a 2-month-old baby overcoming cancer has captivated the online community

So fight for your life… Braianп is this beautiful baby, just 2 months old, who has been living in the ICU of a hospital in Curitiba (PR) since he was born



He was born with a 1kg tumor on his face, which doctors thought was necessary. However, after many tests, a very rare singer named Epigпathυs Tυmor – Immatυre Grade 3 was found.

Now, after removing 1 kg of tumor, this defenseless baby will have to undergo medical treatment and MRI every 2 months, which is not covered by health insurance, because the mother, Marcilliana, won’t be going back to work so she can stay by his side. of lipstick.



Braianп’s father had a car wash in his garage, but since he was born, he couldn’t work because he had to work with his wife at the hospital. They also have a 12-year-old daughter who can’t wait to spend time with her younger brother.

This little one’s battle against cancer will be a long one…he still needs to recover from some complications at birth.


In addition, he has heart problems and heart disease, which he needs to improve. Braia has been transferred to another pediatric hospital, where his chemotherapy treatment will be determined.

He will also attempt new surgeries (ideally within 3 months of life), to correct his jaw, gums and chin. The tumor is so large that it affects this entire part of the face.


Braiaп and his family need to fight for his life. It’s a small group of people who really want to live ? Together, we can change the life of this little angel.

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