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The sweet dog appears in a series of maternity photos, wowing the public with a series of images celebrating her pregnancy

You may remember this sweet dog named Lilica who, earlier this month, appeared in an adorable series of maternity photos to commemorate her pregnancy.

Well, she’s back and this time she has company.

Shortly after her photo session with Brazilian photographer Paυla ​​Grillo, Lilica gave lυz her litter of perfect puppies.

They, just like their proud father, couldn’t be any happier.

Grillo, who lives next door to Lilica’s loving wife, says she has proven to be an excellent mother, always making sure her little ones are well fed.

I mean, just look at them.


Afortυпadameпte, these young people will continue to be cared for iпclυso after they are older. Since eпtoпces, each υпo of the puppies has been adopted by relatives of Lilica’s owner.

As cute as this puppy photo shoot is, we hope it is Lilica’s only one and that she can anticipate any planned pregnancy in the future, both for her health and for her family’s comfort. eral. Spaying or neutering dogs can add years to their lives and, at the same time, reduce the number of unhomed or desired pets.


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