The Real Story Behind the Photo of a Horse Appearing to Save a Drowning Blind Dog

The horse, “Agripin,” was swimming near the Danube River when he saw a dog drowning and in need of rescue. After getting loose from a nearby pier, a little blind puppy drifted far away from the shore and could not return to land. Agripin volunteered to take the dog back to land after she was unable to navigate.

As the river was relatively shallow and Agripin was able to stand upright, Abby climbed on Agripin’s back and rode back to shore. The small dog’s owner was amazed at Agripin’s water rescue of the dog.

In spite of the fact that the rescue story mentioned above is fantastic, it is untrue in every way! A few years ago, this picture and its corresponding story received a great deal of social media attention.

On, an animal lover made it clear that the dog isn’t blind, nor did the horse save it. The animal is called Brenda Lee, and the dog is named Lucy. They are best of friends and their father, Brian Sean Reid, of Horses Know the Way Home, is their best friend. An equine photographer, Jodie Sinclair, captured the image. These native American animals are the best of friends.

A few pictures of the attractive couple swimming at the beach were taken by Sinclair. It was Sinclair’s belief that Lucy was as strong and confident as the tiny dog. According to her, Lucy is “the most courageous, independent, tireless tiny being I have ever encountered.”

A Facebook page called Horses Know the Way Home also saw the photo’s viral success and wondered, “How many lives could Brenda Lee and Lucy save together this summer if they worked together?” The two even arrange friend meetings!


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