The loyal dog steadfastly refuses to abandon his devoted companion, overcoming the boy’s autism to come close and shower him with affection, highlighting the warm relationship between these two closest friends



Dogs are superior to people. Simply said, they are the best friends we don’t deserve but do have. Here’s yet another illustration of their superiority.

James Isaac, age 9, has autism, is unable to talk, and feels awkward among people. Fortunately, he has Mahe.



Mahe is his loyal service dog and will never leave his side. The young patient from New Zealand recently underwent an MRI scan to determine the cause of his seizures, and when the doctors observed how close the two were, they permitted Mahe to accompany him.

Mahe stood by his best friend, nuzzling his face as James was placed inside the machine.



James’ mother, Michelle Isaac, told that the man was simply staring at James and appeared to be really concerned.

Most people would probably swoon after the hospital visit, but Mahe has also been really helpful in other places. Since being best friends two and a half years ago, the dog, trained by the Assistance Dogs New Zealand Trust, has kept James calm during a variety of different activities.

The dogs just calm the youngsters down, according to Wendy Isaacs, a trust employee. “There is such a magic that happens between a child with autism and the dogs,” she said.

Mahe, keep going; you’re already a legend.



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