The girl with 4 legs and 4 arms is considered the “goddess of reincarnation” and the ending

Lakshmi Tatma, 2 years old is a strange girl , she was born with four arms and four legs . Despite her deformity, Lakshmi Tatma is not shunned or hated, but is revered. The reason is because she is considered a reincarnation of the Indian god Vishnu. 
The girl’s name is named after goddess Lakshmi – goddess of wealth and luck, and also the wife of god Vishnu.

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According to Lakshmi’s parents, in the village where the family lives, people respect her very much because they believe she is the goddess born in the village.
However, according to scientific explanations, Lakshmi’s strange body shape is caused by incomplete twin fetuses conjoined below the pelvis. When she was young, it didn’t have a big impact, but as she grew older, Lakshmi would have to face many problems that arose. 

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Therefore, even though everyone worshiped their daughter as a goddess, Lakshmi’s parents still wholeheartedly wanted her to have surgery to remove her limbs to become a normal girl who could go to school. , go out, grow up without meeting any strange eyes. However, because the surgery cost is too expensive, that wish is still just a dream of Lakshmi’s parents.

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Luckily, Dr. Sharan Patil, leading a team of more than 30 surgeons, accepted the challenge. He realized the dream of the four-legged, four-armed girl’s parents with a surgery lasting more than 24 hours, completely free of charge, at a hospital in the southern city of Bangalore. During the surgery, Dr. Patil removed Lakshmi’s extra limbs, helping her have a normal body like any other person. 
After the surgery, Dr. Patil said with a sigh of relief: “Now, she can live like all other girls.”
After seeing his daughter have a normal body and recover very well, Lakshmi’s father, Shambu, was extremely emotional, he said: “We don’t know what to say, we are extremely grateful to the doctors wearing Even though I knew my family was poor, I still performed the surgery for free, helping my daughter have a normal life.”

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