The cafe attracts visitors because it has a 4-legged staff that is easy to reach, works quickly, attracts the curiosity of customers (VIDEO)


The cafe’s owner, Camila, welcomed a new furry member to her family and named him Corchito. Since then, the adorable dog has taken on a new role in the cafe as a client escort for those who are feeling lonely or going through a tough time. Corchito’s purpose is to provide comfort to individuals who may feel out of place or misunderstood while surrounded by others. This lovable canine has an innate ability to sense when someone needs a little extra love and support."Coffee Shop's Beloved Canine Companion Keeps Customers Company" - Bumkeo

His presence alone creates a sense of peace and reassurance that makes people feel like their day has been thoughtfully planned out. The warmth and affection that Corchito offers are unparalleled and can make a huge difference in someone’s mood over an extended period.

"Coffee Shop's Beloved Canine Companion Keeps Customers Company" - Bumkeo

Camila Gallando is the proud owner of Dickens, an Argentine Restobar that prides itself on being a cozy café. The family business has a strong reputation in the local community, but things took an unexpected turn when Corchito entered the picture. This little dog had a big impact on the café, offering companionship to those who may have otherwise felt alone while enjoying their coffee or meal at Dickens.

"Coffee Shop's Beloved Canine Companion Keeps Customers Company" - Bumkeo

Corchito had no choice but to take shelter from the rain at Camila’s cafe, where he immediately captured her heart with his friendly demeanor. Impressed by his affable nature, Camila made the decision to make Dickens, her cafe, Corchito’s new permanent abode. Little did she know the attention Corchito would attract. He seamlessly fit into his new home and quickly became everyone’s favorite. However, the most surprising thing was the way he interacted with customers. When someone came in alone and sat at a table, he would unhesitatingly jump onto the chair next to them and keep them company.

"Coffee Shop's Beloved Canine Companion Keeps Customers Company" - Bumkeo

Many may assume that the dog is begging for food, but in reality, he simply enjoys sitting and walking with people at the café. He even appears to actively listen when spoken to. One customer in particular, who recently lost her husband, finds comfort in the dog’s presence since they used to visit the café together. Corchito loves all who enter, but has a special fondness for the elderly, especially if they seem sad. He has a knack for detecting grief and will approach those who need it most.

In addition to caring for Corchito, Camila has opened her doors to other stray dogs seeking shelter at night. Corchito recognizes this and supports his furry friends. Despite being the café’s dog, he goes above and beyond to help other dogs and people. Corchito is truly remarkable, and the community values their coffee shop even more thanks to him.

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