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The astonishing reality is that everyone is taken aback when a two-headed kitten is born in America.

Two-headed kitty gets plenty of face time

According to Metro, a family in Portland, Oregon, USA discovered a kitten with two faces among the kittens that had just been born at their home.

The little cat was born on the morning of May 20, with four eyes, two noses and two mouths, able to eat with one mouth while still meowing in the other.

I have a baby girl with two eyes. My picture is 1

This family named the kitten Biscuit and Gravy (cookies and sauces).

Chu meo con ky la mang hai guong mat chao doi tai My hinh anh 2

The little cat has 2 faces.

It is thought that the cat may have diprosopus syndrome (duplicate skulls), a rare disorder where two separate fetuses are involved.

Cats with this syndrome are often called Janus cats, after a Roman god with two faces, one looking to the past and the other to the future.

The family is trying to take care of Biscuit and Gravy as much as possible, but they say the cats with the deformity have little chance of survival.



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