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the appearance of the mysterious fish that creates a buzz on the surface of the sea is spread by fishermen as the warning fish for natural events such as earthquakes (VIDEO)

Public opinion is stirring about the “strange” silver-colored creature that appeared in the waters of Phu Quy (Binh Thuan), which was videotaped by a fisherman.

Many people hypothesize that this creature is the Namazu sea arowana, a fish that warns of tsunamis in Japanese legend.

Responding to the VTC News reporter on the afternoon of October 4, fishermen in the Phu Quy island area confirmed that this creature appears very often and is no stranger to seafarers.

Mr. Chau Van Thanh, a resident of Phu Quy, said: ” A few years ago, in the south wind season, these fish drifted a lot on the coast of Phu Quy island. People here call it grandparents squid, Some people call it Mr. Chess because its wings are like a purple flag. This is just a type of squid. Heard the grandparents said that the squid was not cooked by grandparents, but no one had ever tried to cook it because. They say it’s a spiritual animal .”

Nhan, another Phu Quy resident, said he once met and caught this creature but then released it.


” They call this squid grandparents, when it moves, the pieces of skin like cloth spread out, sometimes more than 1 meter in length. In Phu Quy, many people consider this squid a spiritual species,” Nhan said .

Many fishermen believe that squid grandparents are actually blanket octopus (scientific name is Tremoctopus).

” Looking at the picture, this could be a female, because the female can be nearly 2 meters long. The male is much smaller. Years ago, there was a time when it washed a lot on the beach, now it ‘s increasingly less ,” said a longtime seafaring fisherman.

Previously, on his personal page , account Tu Robinson (Khanh Hoa fisherman) shared a strange image of “water monster” and shared: ” How much do we humans know about the ocean? I accidentally saw this on the way to the sea. The islanders called him Ong Muc, stopped the boat, dropped money, lit incense to pray for all the luck. When I saw it, I felt very scared “ .

Robinson’s share has led to many comments and conjectures about the name of this eye-catching creature.

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