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Russian UFO researcher describes how UFOs actually travel through space

Traveling faster than light is an unavoidable aspiration of a species that seeks to extend across the universe: humans.

In actuality, however, light travels extraordinarily slowly in comparison to the vastness of the universe: a spacecraft travelling at the speed of light would take more than four years to reach the nearest stars and 25,000 years to reach the nearest galaxy, Canis Major Dwarf.

The solar system is inaccessible to civilizations who lack the capability to travel across space by establishing electromagnetic barriers around their spacecraft.

NASA Wants to Beam Humanity's Greatest Secrets to Aliens

Director of the International Information Center for Ufological Research Valery Uvarov spoke about this in an interview with FAN.

Valery Uvarov told how, in his opinion, brothers in mind travel in space, who have outstripped us in development.

“Those civilizations that have mastered flying on a special kind of ships, which we see in the sky and so far we call UFOs, use a powerful electromagnetic field to move in space,” he said.

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