Russia goes bankrupt due to lack of missiles: Kinzhal hypersonic system is put into mass production


R?ssi? will c?ntin?? th? m?ss ?????cti?n ?? Kinzh?l ?i?-??s?? h????s?nic missil?s, R?ssi?n P??si??nt Vl??imi? P?tin s?i? in ? vi??? ?????ss ???lish?? ?n th? K??mlin w??sit? ?n th? ?cc?si?n ?? D???n??? ?? th? F?th??l?n? D??. Th? Kinzh?l ?nt???? s??vic? in D?c?m??? 2017 ?n? w?s ?n? ?? th? six n?w R?ssi?n st??t??ic w????ns ?nv?il?? ?? R?ssi?n P??si??nt Vl??imi? P?tin ?n 1 M??ch 2018. Acc???in? t? TASS, Kinzh?l h????s?nic missil?s ?n???w?nt th?i? ???tism ?? ?i?? in th? s??ci?l milit??? ?????ti?n in Uk??in? ?n M??ch 18, 2022. K?iv’s M???? s?i? ?n? ???s?n h?? ?i?? ?n? tw? w??? w??n??? wh?n ?n ????tm?nt ?l?ck w?s hit ?? in th? H?l?siiv ?ist?ict.

Th? Kh-47M2 Kinzh?l (in R?ssi?n: ?-47?2 ??????, “D?????”, NATO ?????tin? n?m? Killj??) is ? R?ssi?n n?cl???-c????l? h????v?l?cit? ????-??llistic ?i?-t?-s????c? missil?. It h?s ? cl?im?? ??n?? ?? m??? th?n 2,000 km (1,200 mi), M?ch 12 s???? (2.5 mi/s), ?n? ?n ??ilit? t? ??????m ?v?siv? m?n??v??s ?t ?v??? st??? ?? its ?li?ht. It c?n c???? ??th c?nv?nti?n?l ?n? n?cl??? w??h???s ?n? c?n ?? l??nch?? ???m T?-22M3 ??m???s ?? MiG-31K int??c??t??s with st??lth ?n? hi?h m?n??v????ilit? ?n? ??? ??si?n?? t? ?n???? ????n? ?n? n?v?l t????ts.. It h?s ???n ???l???? ?t ?i???s?s in R?ssi?’s S??th??n Milit??? Dist?ict ?n? W?st??n Milit??? Dist?ict.

Th? missil? is ??si?n?? t? hit NATO w??shi?s ??sin? ? th???t t? st??t??ic missil? s?st?ms in E??????n R?ssi? ?n? t? ??st??? NATO missil? ????nc? s?st?ms, ??llistic missil? ????ns? shi?s ?n? l?n? ??j?cts cl?s? t? th? R?ssi?n ??????s. It is ?ll????l? ??si?n?? t? ?v??c?m? ?n? kn?wn ?? ?l?nn?? NATO ?i? ?? missil? ????ns? s?st?ms incl??in? th? MIM-104 P?t?i?t, T??min?l Hi?h Altit??? A??? D???ns? ?n? A??is C?m??t S?st?m.[15][16][17][18] R?th?? th?n ?sin? th? m??? ??c?nt h????s?nic ?li?? ?n? sc??mj?t missil? ??si?ns, it ?s?s th? m??? cl?ssic?l ??llistic missil? t?chn?l??? ?t ????t?? s????s.

Th? ?v???ll ??si?n ?? th? missil? is sh???? with th? 9K720 Isk?n???, with th? ??i??nc? s?cti?n m??i?i?? ??? Kinzh?l. B?c??s? it ?li?s ?t h????s?nic s????s within th? ?tm?s?h???, th? ?i? ???ss??? in ???nt ?? it ???ms ? ?l?sm? cl??? ?s it m?v?s, ??s???in? ???i? w?v?s (Pl?sm? st??lth).Th? hi?h s???? ?? th? Kinzh?l ?iv?s it ??tt?? t????t-??n?t??ti?n ch???ct??istics th?n li?ht??, sl?w?? c??is?-missil?s. With ??v?nc?? m?n??v??in? c????iliti?s, hi?h ???cisi?n ?n? h????s?nic s????, s?m? s???c?s ?iv? it th? n?m? “c???i?? kill??” ??? t? its ?ll???? ??ilit? t? ?is??l? ?n? ??ssi?l? ?v?n sink ? 100,000 t?n s????c???i?? with ? sin?l? st?ik?

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