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Rescue Alliance: Surprise donation as beloved elderly woman passes away leaving 14 homeless dogs

“Rescue Union: Unexpected Donation of Senior Dogs Leaves 14 Animals Homeless to Stray гeѕсᴜe of St. Louis and Five Acres Animal Shelter. All the dogs, now orphans, received medical care – ilovemydogsomuch”

Both groups weren’t sure what to expect, but they were sure they wanted to help. Rescuers immediately learned that all of the dogs were suffering from bacterial diseases. They had already lost some things or all their debts.

Although the health of the dogs was not the best, and who can be sure what kind of discomfort or pain they were experiencing, all the dogs were patient and friendly. They realized that these good human eggs were there to help them.

Back at the shelters, all the dogs were evaluated. Many suffered from sara, cataracts and other serious problems. One by one, all fourteen dogs received baths and lots of affection. They felt very special (because they are!)

Rescue groups admit that each dog will require a large number of medical supplies, but promise that all will receive them. If they go to medical care as soon as possible, if someone is well enough, they can be adopted, we are very pleased to see that all fourteen dogs are staying well.

This is why rescue groups are ANGELS! Also don’t forget, seniors matter too! They are the hardest to place in forever homes. Please consider opening your heart and home to an older pet. To see more about the incredible rescue, watch the video below!


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