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In his shelter, a man takes care of nearly 750 dogs that no one else wants

Those who do not value their unselfish companionship leave many animals on the streets like junk. Thankfully, there are people like Sasha Pesic, who has been assisting homeless dogs for numerous years and providing them all the attention they need.

This man founded his own shelter in 2008, which now houses 750 dogs, and is regarded as one of Serbia’s prominent animal rights activists.

Pesic’s story began the same year, when he was driving home and came upon four abandoned pups. He couldn’t suppress his urge to save them, and despite his lack of financial resources, he began to put together a plan to assist them.

Sasha was able to launch her shelter by giving a home and food for all of the animals with the help of six volunteers, and she has been able to keep it open thanks to contributions from all around the world.

He knows the names of all the animals he looks after, vaccinates, sterilizes, and tags them with an identity microchip.

Sasha has saved almost 1,200 dogs, with over 400 of them being adopted by people all throughout the world. He is without a doubt a fantastic role model for everyone.

This man is having issues with the owners of the land where the shelter is located, who are requesting that he evacuate the premises.

Thousands of people signed a petition once the issue became public, forcing the government to relent, although not permanently.

Sasha appreciates everyone’s help and believes that the problem of so many abandoned dogs stems from a system that does not seek answers but instead creates more harm.

Sasha stated,

“Another issue is the owners’ recklessness in not neutering their pets and abandoning them outside when they are no longer wanted. “I have a baby and can’t take care of the dog,” to “I don’t need it anymore.”

He receives no government assistance, and many vets charge him exorbitant fees because they believe he has an excessive amount of money from contributions.

If you’d like to become a Patreon supporter and assist Sasha with the shelter’s fixed expenditures, you may do so here.

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