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I yearn too, seeing everyone have a happy birthday. It’s my birthday today, so I’d appreciate birthday wishes from everyone.

An adorable puppy waits every night for her owner to take her to bed so she can have sweet dreams after having a difficult past. For her, he is the source of her security and love, she needs him very much to heal the wounds in her heart.

Rescued animals come into our lives with a story that is sometimes sad and it has not been different for this puppy named Bailey who has become the little girl of the house.

The furry girl is trying to leave her past behind, but  the adaptation has not been easy , luckily there is something that makes her feel safe.

The puppy’s owner takes her to bed every night and that makes her so happy.


Nobody knows everything that an animal that lives on the street has had to suffer. That is why when dogs or cats arrive at shelters,  they must first go through an adaptation process.

This stage helps them control their traumas, but the healing work is sometimes slow.

That is why it is important that whoever adopts knows the responsibility that this entails and luckily this situation has been understood very well by Mac Clenney, the puppy’s human.

Bailey is a very sweet puppy, but also a little fearful.

As night fell, a new challenge arrived for the dog who seems to be afraid of loneliness or silence. Sleeping was a hard task for her, but her owner found a way to make her feel safe.

During an afternoon of watching movies, Mac noticed that the puppy had fallen into a deep sleep after he wrapped  her  in blankets in the style of a Mexican burrito.

Apparently the furry girl felt safer wrapped that way and from there a new sleep routine was established in the home.

“Every time we snuggled up with blankets on the couch, Bailey felt much more comfortable and calm when she was wrapped or covered in a blanket,” Clenney said.

Now the puppy has a deep bond with the man and cannot conceive of sleeping if he is not the one who takes her to bed and wraps her the way she likes.

Clenney senses that it produces the same calming sensation that people talk about with that trick of wrapping dogs with a bandage to calm their fears of the noise of gunpowder.

The man has not yet found a scientific justification, the truth is that sheltering the puppy in this way has helped him. In comparison to what the furry girl was like at the beginning, since since the Clenneys adopted her, they knew that the furry girl had some fears to overcome.

Bailey came into this family’s life in 2020, after they fell in love with her at Louie’s Legacy Animal Rescue shelter.

“When we met with her wonderful foster mom, she told us that Bailey [was] one of the most scared and shy dogs [she had ever] met,” Clenney said.

Although the trick arose after an afternoon of watching movies, it was not until weeks later that the man thought of applying it to the puppy during the night as well.

“We did it once as a bedtime joke, and when she snuggled up, we decided to leave her. [We] woke up the next morning and she was still tucked in, so we started doing it every night,” Clenney said.

The adaptation process of this puppy has not been easy; In fact, she had trouble getting along with the family cat named Penny. But with love and patience these people have made many changes in Bailey.

“Reaching out to her and showing her a kinder world meant months and years of patience and understanding. She now goes with us to parks, stores and restaurants. She is becoming the best of her and me of her,” Clenney said.

Now she not only accompanies them around the city, but she can sleep peacefully with her taquito posture that does not disturb anyone.

Congratulations to that kind dad who puts this dog to bed every night so that she can fall asleep and invites us to live the wonderful experience of adopting.

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