Highlights of the unmanned ship running continuously after the baptism of anti-submarine warfare (VIDEO)

DARPA ??s s?cc?ss??ll? c?m?l?t?? its Anti-S??m??in? W?????? (ASW) C?ntin???s T??il Unm?nn?? V?ss?l (ACTUV) ??????m ?n? ??s ???ici?ll? t??ns?????? t?? t?c?n?l??? ??m?nst??ti?n v?ss?l, c??ist?n?? S?? H?nt??, t? t?? O??ic? ?? N?v?l R?s???c? (ONR). ONR will c?ntin?? ??v?l??in? t?? ??v?l?ti?n??? ???t?t??? v??icl?—t?? ?i?st ?? w??t c??l? ?ltim?t?l? ??c?m? ?n ?nti??l? n?w cl?ss ?? ?c??n-??in? v?ss?l ??l? t? t??v??s? t???s?n?s ?? kil?m?t??s ?v?? t?? ???n s??s ??? m?nt? ?t ? tіm?, wit???t ? sin?l? c??w m?m??? ??????—?s t?? M??i?m Dis?l?c?m?nt Unm?nn?? S????c? V??icl? (MDUSV).
T?? ??n??v?? m??ks t?? c?lmin?ti?n ?? t???? ????s ?? c?ll?????ti?n ??tw??n DARPA ?n? ONR t??t st??t?? in S??t?m??? 2014. An A??il 2016 c??ist?nin? c???m?n? m??k?? t?? v?ss?l’s ???m?l t??nsiti?n ???m ? DARPA-l?? ??si?n ?n? c?nst??cti?n ???j?ct t? ? n?w st??? ?? ???n-w?t?? t?stin? c?n??ct?? j?intl? wit? ONR. T??t s?m? m?nt?, t?? v?ss?l m?v?? t? S?n Di???, C?li?., ??? ???n-w?t?? t?stin?.

ONR ?l?ns t? c?ntin?? t?? ?????ssiv? sc????l? ?? ?t-s?? t?sts t? ???t??? ??v?l?? ACTUV/MDUSV t?c?n?l??i?s, incl??in? ??t?m?ti?n ?? ???l??? ?n? s?ns?? ??t? ???c?ssin?, ???i? ??v?l??m?nt ?? n?w missi?n-s??ci?ic ??t?n?m??s ????vi??s, ?n? ?x?l??in? c????in?ti?n ?? ??t?n?m??s ?ctiviti?s ?m?n? m?lti?l? USVs. P?n?in? t?? ??s?lts ?? t??s? t?sts, t?? MDUSV ??????m c??l? t??nsiti?n t? U.S. N?v? ?????ti?ns ?? 2018.

Anti-S??m??in? W?????? (ASW) C?ntin???s T??il Unm?nn?? V?ss?l (ACTUV) P?st-C??ist?nin? Hi??li??ts

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