“Heroic Rescue: Police and Firefighters Save Dog Stuck in Dryer Vent – Exclusive Photos Inside!”

The police and firefighters worked together and carefully cut away the vent to free the dog.

A curious dog found himself in a tight spot when he got his head stuck in a dryer vent while trying to sneak a peek. The pet’s parents soon informed the police about the situation, and they teamed up with firefighters to free the dog. The fire department later shared the heartwarming rescue story on Facebook. Many flocked to the comments section to express their gratitude towards the people involved in the heroic rescue.

Dog stuck in a dryer vent. (Facebook/@sumterscpolice)

Sumter Police Department shared pictures from the rescue operation and wrote, “Adventures of the dog kind: Spike was sniffing out mischief when he got stuck in the dryer vent of a Warren Court home earlier today. With the help of Sumter PD and Sumter Fire Department personnel, happy hound was freed from his unfortunate circumstance and is doing fine, probably looking to see what else he can get into for the day.”

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The first picture shows Spike with his head outside the dryer vent while the rest of his body remains indoors. Another captures officers carefully cutting away the vent to free the dog. The department even shared a picture of the dog after he was rescued.

Take a look at the Facebook post here:

The post was shared on December 1. It has since collected close to 400 reactions, and the numbers are still increasing. Many even reshared the post and dropped comments on the picture, including one from the pet parent.

“I am thankful for the time and the care from both the police and fire department for rescuing Spike. It took over an hour. Glad I was home while Kam was at school. Job well done,” the dog’s pet parent wrote on Facebook.

Here’s what people have to say about this heroic rescue:

“As an owner of hounds, this is not at all surprising. I’m glad the handsome boy is safe now. Hopefully, it will be a while before he gets into another predicament!”

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