First Patrol Boat ɩаᴜпсһed by French Shipyard OCEA for Ukraine’s State Border ɡᴜагd Service


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OCEA ?n? t?? St?t? B????? G???? S??vic? ?? Uk??in? (SBGSU) ink?? ? € 136.5 milli?n c?nt??ct ??? t?? ???c???m?nt ??t??l ???ts ?n J?l? 22, 2020. Uk??ini?n ?n? F??nc? ??v??nm?nts w??? n???ti?tin? ??? t?? j?int ?????cti?n ?? 20 FPB 98 ??t??l ???ts ??si?n?? ?? t?? OCEA s?i????? in J?n? 2019. T?? G?v??nm?nt ?? Uk??in? ?in?ll? ??v? its ????n li??t ??? t?? ???c???m?nt ?? t?? ??t??l v?ss?ls in N?v?m??? t??t ????. Fiv? ?? w?ic? will ?? ??ilt ?i??ctl? in Uk??in?, in M?k?l?iv. It w?s ?nn??nc?? l?st m?nt? t??t l?c?l s?i????? Ni??l?n S?i???il?in? ??s ???n s?l?ct?? t? ??il? ?iv? ?? t?? ??t??l v?ss?ls.

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