Expectations of the expectant mother: Practice Maitai’s Acroyoga a few days before giving birth

In a world where prenatal fitness often comes with its set of limitations, one expectant mother, Lizzy Tomber, has defied convention by continuing her acroyoga practice just days before giving birth. Her inspiring journey showcases the possibilities of maintaining an active lifestyle even during pregnancy.

Lizzy Tomber wasn’t ready to let her pregnancy keep her away from her passion for acroyoga, a dynamic blend of acrobatics and yoga originating from India. This practice involves intricate balance movements where she and her husband, Josh Young, work together to create astonishing poses and moves. While some may consider this practice risky, Lizzy, with her expanding belly, made a bold choice to keep it a part of her daily life.

For those unfamiliar with acroyoga, it’s a discipline that combines the grace of yoga with the dynamism of acrobatics, incorporating elements such as flying and somersaults into its routines.

Lizzy didn’t take this decision lightly. She approached her obstetrician, seeking approval for practicing acroyoga during pregnancy. To her surprise and delight, her doctor was supportive, understanding that this wasn’t just an exercise but an integral part of her daily routine. Lizzy recalls her doctor’s response: “If you’re comfortable and this is what you do on a daily basis, you shouldn’t stop doing it.” This green light was all Lizzy needed to keep her routine alive.

Throughout her pregnancy, Lizzy and her husband, who travel around the world to teach acroyoga, took a short break from their globetrotting and settled in Washington, D.C., to prepare for their baby’s arrival. Despite her impending due date, she persisted in her acroyoga practice up until just a few days before giving birth.

Now, with her newborn son David, Lizzy is wasting no time getting back into acroyoga. She’s even getting her little one involved. Although David is still a baby, Lizzy is gradually introducing him to acrobatic movements. As Lizzy expressed, “He’s been practicing acrobatics since he was a baby. He can support his own neck, so we’re not in a hurry to teach him, but hopefully, he will grow up to be a child who enjoys acrobatics.”

Lizzy’s story stands as a testament to the idea that, with proper consultation and guidance, expectant mothers can maintain their active passions and challenge norms while ensuring a healthy pregnancy.

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