Emotional Goodbye: A Tearful Dog’s Heartfelt Farewell at Their Owner’s Casket

As creatures that share a special bond with humans, dogs are known for their unwavering loyalty to their owners. Even after their owners pass away, dogs often experience profound sadness, longing, and grief for the person who once cared for them. Recently, a heartwarming story of such devotion has been circulating on Philippine social networks. after their owners pass away, dogs often experience profound sadness, longing, and grief for the person who



The Tale of the Lost Dog and the Elderly Professor

Four years ago, in Manila, Philippines, a stray dog with white fur and a small yellow patch on its head and ears went missing. Fortunately, the dog was found and adopted by a kind-hearted man named Carmelito Marcelo, a 58-year-old professor at Mabalacat City University in Pampanga, Philippines.



The professor developed a deep affection for the dog, whom he named Buboy. He took great care of Buboy, ensuring he was well-fed and attended to. In turn, Buboy formed a special bond with the professor. Every day, the loyal dog would accompany the professor to school, happily playing by his side on campus.



However, these joyful days were short-lived when Professor Marcelo suffered a stroke and was rushed to the emergency room. Despite weeks of intensive care, he sadly passed away on May 18.



Unaware of his master’s fate, Buboy continued to wait diligently outside the classroom door every day. His eyes filled with anticipation and disappointment, his presence tugged at the heartstrings of both lecturers and students at the school.



Witnessing Buboy’s poignant display of loyalty, his fellow students decided to take him to the professor’s funeral as a final farewell to their beloved mentor. As Buboy stood in front of the professor’s coffin, he cried out in a mournful manner that touched the hearts of everyone present.



Not only that, Buboy lingered by the coffin for a long time, gently touching the professor’s photo with his front paws. Realizing that his owner lay inside, the devoted dog quietly lay beside the coffin. It seemed as if Buboy understood that this would likely be his last encounter with the old professor, his dear friend and master.


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