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Brazilian girl that won the Miss Charm 2023 title is hot: Many folks adore this Latin angel

Miss Charm 2023 closed with the crown belonging to Luma Russo – the representative from Brazil, who possesses extremely hot and seductive beauty.

Immediately, all information and images of the new beauty were searched by the beauty-loving community.

Luma Russo (24 years old) impresses with a beautiful face, height of 1.68m, three measurements of 89-61–92cm respectively and a toned waist. To have this slim body as it is now, she has a scientific diet and exercise.

The beauty of thousands of people is considered a strong point of the Brazilian contestants right from the moment she joins at Miss Charm 2023. Luma Russo is favored by fans as a latin angel thanks to her hot beauty.

Miss once revealed that she is a lover of nature and likes to experience and explore everywhere. With the prestigious Miss Charm 2023 crown, the beauty will have a year to accompany the organizers, spreading many meaningful messages about education – tourism.

At home, Luma Russo is widely known to the audience as a photo model, passionate about the stage and often participates in social activities.

Following Luma Russo’s social media account, the audience noticed that she pursued a feminine and seductive style. She often wears body-hugging dresses, cleverly showing off her sexy curves.

At the end of 2022, Luma Russo was given the opportunity to represent Brazil in Miss Charm 2023. Initially, long legs were quite quiet, not one of the contestants highly appreciated by international beauty sites. In the final stage of Miss Charm 2023, Luma Russo had a breakthrough, making a special impression on the judges.

In the final night of Miss Charm 2023, in the behavior contest for Top 6, Luma Russo received a question about connecting and promoting different cultures. The Brazilian beauty confidently replied: “I want to say that culture is my passion. I must say that it is my number 1 hobby that comes from family and travel. Ways to promote culture is unity”.

According to the Brazilian representative, to promote culture, people need to break the language barrier. This is one of the difficulties humans face when it comes to promoting anything. Luma Russo emphasizes: “The way I support connecting and promoting tourism is not only through culture, education and breaking down barriers”.

Entering the behavior contest for the final Top 3, Luma Russo received the question: “Every morning when you wake up, what do you find meaningful in your life? What are you living for?”.

The Brazilian representative replied: “If I had to summarize those things in one word, it would be freedom. Freedom is being able to travel where you want, to eat and wear what you like. Any woman Every woman dreams of having the knowledge, culture, intellect and emotions so that she can reach her full potential.”

Luma Russo’s victory at Miss Charm 2023 received the approval of the beauty community. Because, in addition to the physical beauty, the Brazilian representative also has impressive performance skills, the ability to respond to intelligently praised behavior, “swallow the microphone”.

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