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Bell UH-1: The most stylish flying helicopter in aviation history

M?n???ct????: B?ll H?lic??t??

S??vic?: USAF P????lsi?n: 2x P??tt ?n? Whitn?? T400-CP-400 t????sh??t ?n?in?s R?n??: 300 mil?s M?xim?m S????: 149 m?h C??w: Pil?t with c?-?il?t ?n? ?li?ht ?n?in???, ????n?in? ???n missi?n

Th? B?ll UH-1N I?????is is ? li?ht-li?t ?tilit? h?lic??t?? ?s?? t? s?????t v??i??s missi?ns. Th? ??im??? missi?ns incl???: ?i?li?t ?? ?m????nc? s?c??it? ???c?s, s?c??it? ?n? s??v?ill?nc? ?? ???-??s? n?cl??? w????ns c?nv??s, ?n? ?istin??ish?? visit?? ?i?li?t. Oth?? ?s?s incl???: ?is?st?? ??s??ns? ?????ti?ns, s???ch ?n? ??sc??, m??ic?l ?v?c??ti?n, ?i????n? c??l? ins??cti?ns, s?????t t? ?i?c??w s??viv?l sch??l, ???i?l t?stin?, ???tin? missil? sit? s?????t ?n? t??ns???t.

Th? UH-1N is c????l? ?? ?li?ht in inst??m?nt ?n? ni?httim? c?n?iti?ns. Th? c??w c?m?l?m?nt is n??m?ll? th??? (?il?t, c?-?il?t ?n? ?li?ht ?n?in???), ??t m?? ?? ?l?wn with ??w?? c??wm?m???s ????n?in? ?n w??th?? ?n? missi?n ????i??m?nts. Wh?n c?n?i????? ??? ??ss?n???s, th? B?ll UH-1N I?????is c?n s??t ?? t? 13 ????l?, ??t ?ct??l ??ss?n??? l???s ??? ????n??nt ?n ???l l???s ?n? ?tm?s?h??ic c?n?iti?ns (m?? ?? l?ss). Th? m??ic?l ?v?c??ti?n c?n?i????ti?n c?n ?cc?mm???t? ?? t? six litt??s. With??t s??ts ?? litt??s, th? c??in c?n c???? ??lk?, ?v??siz?? c????. Acc?ss t? th? c??in is th????h tw? ??ll-siz?? sli?in? ????s.

Th? B?ll UH-1N I?????is ?nt???? th? Ai? F??c? inv?nt??? in 1970 t? ???vi?? s???ch ?n? ??sc?? c????iliti?s. Th? missi?ns ?x??n??? t? incl??? missil? s?c??it?, ?istin??ish?? visit??, s??viv?l sch??l ?n? t?st s?????t. HH-1H’s ?n? UH-1F’s s?????tin? missil? win?s w??? ?v?nt??ll? ???l?c?? ?? th? UH-1N ??? t? th? ????t?? s???t? ?n? c????ilit? ??????? ?? th? twin ?n?in?.

M?n???ct???? ?? B?ll H?lic??t??/T?xt??n Inc., th? UH-1N is th? milit??? v??si?n ?? th? B?ll 212, ?n? ?? th? n?m????s v??i?nts ?? th? ??i?in?l “H???” ?i?st ??si?n?? ?n? ?l?wn in 1956.

Th? h?lic??t?? is ?ssi?n?? w??l?wi??. Within Ai? F??c? Gl???l St?ik? C?mm?n?, UH-1N’s ??? l?c?t?? ?t th? 90th Missil? Win?, F.E. W????n AFB, W??., th? 341st Missil? Win?, M?lmst??m AFB, M?nt., ?n? th? 91st Missil? Win?, Min?t AFB, N.D.

Oth?? ?nits incl???: 1st H?lic??t?? S??????n, An???ws AFB, M?.; 36th R?sc?? Fli?ht, F?i?chil? AFB, W?sh.; 459th Ai?li?t S??????n, Y?k?t? AB, J???n; 40th Fli?ht T?st S??????n, E?lin AFB, Fl?., 6th S??ci?l O????ti?ns S??????n, H??l???t Fi?l?, Fl?.; ?n? 512th R?sc?? S??????n, Ki?tl?n? AFB, N.M.


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