At 51 Years Old, She Gave Birth to Quadruplets: A Mother’s Life Today with Her Offspring

Three adult children from their first marriage and eight grandchildren did not stop the woman from a new attempt to become a mother at an age not most suitable for this. Still, a new husband is 11 years younger than her and wants a baby. But help came from the latest achievements in medicine.

old Londoner Tracy Britten broke up with her first husband. The former sons and the daughters of the former spouses continued to be brought up together.

And two years later, the heroine of our story met a new lover. Stephen was 11 years younger than Tracy and only 8 years older than her adult daughter. Lovers began to live together.

In 2008, a woman became pregnant, but on the family council, both he and she decided that they were not ready to raise a child. Tracy had an abortion.

Soon, adult children parted, and lovers finally legalized relations in 2012. And thought about a common child. But naturally, pregnancy did not occur. I had to go to the doctor.

Tracy herself will then tell you that if it were not for the inheritance left by the deceased mother, she would not be able to pay for IVF services. All procedures cost her 7,000 pounds ( more than 600 thousand rubles. at the then rate ) in a special clinic in Cyprus. I went abroad because she was denied ethical reasons in British clinics. Doctors in London rated the chances of a successful birth and healthy children as too small.

4 embryos were injected into a 50-year-old woman, but one did not take root. But the other was divided and the identical twins turned out. Doctors suggested leaving only two, and removing the rest of the embryos so as not to risk the health of all children and mothers, but Tracy and Stephen categorically refused.

On October 26, 2018, as a result of a cesarean section, much ahead of schedule, four babies were born. Exactly after 1.5 months, mom, Tracy Britten, turned 51 years old. The father of the four, Stephen, is 40 years old.

The birth was taken by a whole team of 31 medical workers. All children were born prematurely ( 31st week ), the smallest girl weighed less than a kilogram. For almost two months, the babies were in the hospital under surveillance. Thanks to the doctors, the twins Francesca and Frederick, their sister Grace, and the only boy George, survived.

Tracy gave the children shortly before Christmas, and then, as she admits, a real nightmare began. She did not have time to feed everyone and change diapers. The children’s cry drove them crazy – one day he walked along the relay from child to child, in the other – all four began to roar at the same time.

Stephen, a roofer by profession, to feed a large family, took part-time jobs and disappeared all day at a construction site. He could not help his housewife.

A little help came only after the publication and stories of the media about the aged mother and her fours. Tracy Britten set the world record – no one gave birth to so many children at that age.

For fees from numerous interviews and donations from sickle citizens, the spouses were able to equip a children’s bedroom in the house, buy a special stroller for four children worth 1000 pounds, and periodically hire a babysitting nanny and nurse.

But fame also had a flip side. Tracy Britten’s accounts on social networks, where she actively uploads photos of her kids, were exposed to displeased citizens.

Some accused Tracy of deciding to give birth at that age. Endangered herself and her future ren to keep her young spouse. After all, even if the birth itself was successful, then the children could be born mentally and/or physically inferior.

Other haters accused Tracy of irresponsibility. The fact that, firstly, she decided to give birth at such a late age, and secondly, that she decided to give birth to four, not one.

«A 70-year-old woman will come to her children for school graduation» – wrote in the comments.

«If it still survives before the children grow up» – washed in other messages.

«Could leave one child. How does she plan to support so many children on her pension?» – asked questions on the network.


Although many more people supported mom and her kids. Admired by her perseverance and willingness to sacrifice herself.

At the same time, all commentators for some reason forgot about their father.

Today, Tracy and Stephen raise their four children together.

In the photo, everyone looks great. The fours still do not realize that they are an aunt and uncle to eight of their nephews, who are older than them in age. Kids visit nurseries 3 hours a day, but most of the time is still spent with their mothers.

In an interview, Tracy said that two children have heart problems. The rest are completely healthy.

That’s just the news of the end of 2021.

Credit: Vantage News

What happened next – no one knows. Tracy deleted all the social media accounts and stopped talking with journalists.

Something happened or the spouses are tired of the annoying attention of – we do not know. We hope that mom and children are doing well!

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