Adorable babies imitating dad’s exercise routine making everyone grin (VIDEO).

Babies are innocent beings, and they love to imitate their parents. They love to do whatever their parents do, whether working on the computer, exercising, watching TV, or reading the newspaper.

Recently, a few babies were caught trying to imitate their fathers. At the same time, they exercised, or to be more precise, while they did pushups. These babies proved that even toddlers can do pushups in a much cuter way.

The first baby tried to start the exercise routine by picking up a couple of lightweight dumbbells. However, the weight seemed too much for the kid, and he started crying. Next came a toddler imitating his father, running on the treadmill, by jumping on the couch.

Some fathers tried to train their toddlers to perform push ups properly. One such father tried to teach his toddler son how to do push ups by showing him the method. But instead, his son thought it best to lift his head once and make sounds to prove that he was trying.

Most of the toddlers had the skill of turning the pushup session into a Yoga session. One such baby was in his own room lying on the ground, trying to imitate his father performing pushups. However, he ended up doing Yoga instead.

A clever toddler saw his father doing push ups right next to him. Although he tried to imitate his father, he soon understood the intensity of the workout. He began banging his head lightly on the carpeted floor as if trying to protest.

All the toddlers did pushups in their own baby way. Although the urge to imitate their fathers was visible in their actions, they all did antics that made their dads laugh out loud.

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