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Abandoned in a landfill, a blind mother dog holds onto hope in a box, longing to reunite with her puppies. zero

Blind Mama Dog Dumped In A Landfill Refuses To Leave A Box Hoping To Be Reunited With Her Babies

When Good Samaritans noticed a pup sitting in a cardboard box in a landfill, they couldn’t believe that somebody would just cruelly dump her like that.

They immediately called animal rescuers who rushed toward her but were very shocked when they noticed that the dog did not move from the box. She just kept sitting in it as if she was still hoping her previous owners would come back for her.

Noticing that she had been in that box for at least three days, the rescue team knew that there was something they were missing.

Finally Safe

dog in a box
Source: Animal Shelter
The pup was in very bad condition. She was completely hairless with very rough skin, and there were open wounds covering her body, which were never treated.

Another very concerning issue was the fact that her eyes were almost completely shut and stuck together. When the rescuers carefully opened them, they noticed that they were very red and unresponsive.

Knowing that she needed immediate medical care, the kind hoomans rushed the pup to the vet, where she received a thorough checkup.

blind mama dog
Source: Animal Shelter

The vets were very saddened when they saw the state she was in and determined that she was almost completely blind and had severe otitis media – an infection of the middle ear.

Her body was extremely swollen, especially when it came to her head and legs, and she was suffering from an inflation of the reproductive area.

Before putting her on all of the necessary medication, the hoomans gave her a yummy meal in order to fill up her hungry tummy.

This made her very happy, and she finished the entire bowl in record time.

Unfortunate News

When all of the test results came back, the medical staff was saddened to see that this pup had given birth to many litters, making them conclude that she was used for breeding and was dumped when she was no longer needed.

photo of blind dog
Source: Animal Shelter

The entire veterinary staff was heartbroken. However, they decided that they were going to provide this beautiful pup with the best and sweetest treatment ever, hoping that it would help lift her spirits and make her happier.

The pup first received eye surgery, and while she was healing from it, they treated her very rough skin.

As soon as she realized that she was finally receiving the help she needed, the pup was overjoyed. Whenever she saw somebody passing by her kennel, she would greet them with the cutest tail wag ever.

dog's head leaning on hand
Source: Animal Shelter

Being in such a loving environment, it didn’t take her too long to show clear signs of recovery.

The scabies cleared up, her face was no longer swollen, and, most importantly, she regained her sight completely.

This sweet girl was overjoyed to finally be able to see the kind faces of the humans who offered her a second chance at life.

New Life

It came as no surprise when her rescuers received information that a loving family completely fell in love with her and wanted to make her their little four-legged furry baby.

As soon as they met, they immediately clicked as if they had known each other before.

photo of blind mama dog
Source: Animal Shelter

Naming her Sofi, the loving hoomans took her home, and she began her brand-new life.

Now, Sofi spends her time in a warm and loving environment, surrounded by hoomans who absolutely adore her as well as her doggo sibling with whom she spends every moment.

dog wearing a pink bandana
Source: Animal Shelter

Final Word

Sofi, being dumped at the landfill, should have never happened!

Humans tend to forget that dogs have feelings, too, and that treating them poorly can make them extremely depressed, anxious, and even violent.

If, for whatever reason, you are no longer able to take care of your dog, please take them to your local shelter and offer them a second chance at life – you owe them at least that.

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