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A fisherman in the Atlantic Ocean was surprised to catch a mysterious creature whose name is terrifying (VIDEO)

Because the big world around us always contains many surprises, so sometimes, we can come across unbelievable things in seemingly normal situations like this. .

While on a cruise near the coast of Los Cabos in Mexico, Mr. Rendon, the captain of a tourist fishing boat , happened to catch a strange creature.

It is known that on that day, while fishing as usual, Rendo could not help but suddenly see a pink creature biting the hook.

When he didn’t look closely, he could only see a light pink fish, although large in size but strange in shape and fidgeting fiercely.

Caught a strange pink creature and quickly released it after knowing its origin-1


Caught a strange pink creature and quickly released it after knowing its origin-2
Soon, he had to call a few more experienced people with the boat to evaluate the animal.

Turns out, this is an albino shark. It has been identified as the Swell Shark

They are said to be a shark that is not too aggressive and has a very special defense mechanism. Specifically, they can swell their bodies when they feel in danger.

After learning that this albino shark was extremely rare, Captain Rendo and everyone on the boat decided to release the animal back to the wild so it could continue its free life in the ocean.

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