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A couple got the “fright of their lives” from the savage bull.

A massive ‘raging bull’ that terrified a driver is really a ‘friendly lovely old boy’, according to his owner.

The large animal called Rex was pictured by Tina O’Neill after he burst through a field fence and on to the road in front of her.

Farmer David Lewis was soon alerted and put him back in his field in Water Eaton, Wiltshire.

But while he can look ‘big and fierce’, David’s wife Liz Webster said her blonde bull is actually very friendly.

Liz said: ‘There’s another bull in the field across the road. The two bulls end up wanting to fight with each other.

‘So he (Rex) was trying to get across the road to have a battle with the other bull.

‘But he’s an old boy, although he’s big, he would get beaten up by the younger bull.

‘So he was roaring at the other bull. They roar at each other, and sometimes it happens in the middle of the night.

‘We have a lot of people walking through because we’ve got ten footpaths here.

‘We used to have livestock and people have got accustomed to it, that we used to regularly have to stop for cattle across the road. It’s a shame because it’s part of our British culture.

‘But it is something for people to be aware of, because they’re still farms around in these country lanes.’

Liz, who lives on a farm, has owned Rex for around seven years.

‘The bulls generally are much more friendly than cows,’ she said.

‘Especially with car, but it depends on the breed. But everybody’s scared of bulls.

‘You can scratch him. He looks big and fierce, but you wouldn’t want to get in the way of him fighting with the other bull.

‘You’ve got to be a bit cautious around them, but they’re generally quite friendly with their owners.’

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