49 Beautiful And Romantic Terrace Decoration Ideas.

If you are a happy owner of a private outdoor zone – a patio, a terrace, a balcony, anything, then you may enjoy fresh air, sunshine and other things outdoors. To make your staying outdoors cooler and more relaxing, design your outdoor space in the style and colors you like considering its size, functions and many other things. Today’s roundup is for those of you who want to give a feminine or girlish feel to the space. Though mostly gender-neutral spaces are on right now, so-called masculine and feminine designs will never go out of style, so let’s take a look at some ideas.

What’s Considered Feminine?

To make a space look feminine and girlish, you will need refined designs, sophisticated styles and pastel and pink-red color palettes. What styles to go for? Vintage, shabby chic, Provence, boho, Mediterranean, even modern. What colors to use? Pink, red, purple, lilac, hot pink, fuchsia, any pastels that you like. What else can you add? Some glam metallic touches, lots of potted plants can be rocked as feminine touches, too.

a beautiful and refined Provence terrace clad with tiles, with a forged vintage daybed, potted greenery and blooms, some rugs and baskets

a beautiful modern patio with a tiled floor, a white dining table, white chairs, built-in benches with pink upholstery and a sunburst mirror

a beautiful neutral terrace with neutral pallet furniture, a low coffee table and side tables, metal and forged furniture, pink garlands over it

a bloom-filled spring terrace with potted greenery and flowers all around, with a dining set, a chandelier and some fresh fruit

a boho deck with rattan furniture, pampas grass, greenery in a pot, candles and lots of floral arrangements

a boho desert terrace done in pink shades, with potted cacti and palm trees, printed linens and a printed rug

a bold pink space with blooming trees and flowers, forged furniture with purple textiles and blue tableware just wows

a bold Provence terrace with vintage forged furniture, a table with a stone tabletop, greenery and blooms and striped textiles

a bright and chic terrace with a fireplace, pink coffee tables, bold blooms and greenery, printed cushions on the floor

a bright and colorful Provence terrace with a forged bed with colorful cushions and pillows, a stained table and some neutral chairs with colorful pillows and cushions

a bright and colorful terrace with neutral upholstered benches, colorful pillows, bright stools and textiles plus a sea view

a bright and vivacious summer terrace done with tiles, white wicker furniture, pastel upholstery and pillows and lots of greenery and blooms

a bright boho terrace with rattan furniture and colorful upholstery, a carved wooden table, potted greenery everywhere

a bright spring terrace with elegant vintage furniture, pastel pillows, bold potted blooms and greenery

a chic pastel terrace with white contemporary furniture, floor lamps, refined tables and a greenery wall

a colorful summer seaside terrace with a bright daybed, colorful pillows and cushions and candle lanterns

a colorful tropical patio with a white sofa and colorful pillows, hot pink chairs, a bright watercolor wall and little stools

a contemporary terrace with lots of greenery, built-in benches, a fuchsia wicker chair, fuchsia poufs and a green cushion

a delightful Provence outdoor space with a dining set of metal, with lots of cushions and pillows, bright blooms and greenery over it

a gorgeous tropical patio with pink chairs and pink blooms, a comfy daybed, potted tropical plants

a hot pink terrace with forged furniture, potted cacti and bright pillows is a lovely and feminine space

a lovely blacony with white forged furniture, pink cushions, potted blooms of various kinds is a cool feminine space

a lovely feminine terrace wiht white forged furniture, blush painted doors and pink pillows, a floral bunting and potted blooms

a modern balcony terrace with simple furniture, a kids’ drawing nook, bright pink touches and a potted plant for a fresh feel

How To Style A Feminine Terrace?

Once you choose a style and a color palette, style your space according to its function – a dining space, a living room, a bedroom or some small eating nook. The furniture can be wicker, forged, wooden or any other that matches. Cozy up the space with potted blooms, plants and layered rugs and pillows (maybe with floral prints). Add cute littles touches like cushions, artwork, lanterns and string lights to make the space more welcoming. Enjoy!

a pretty and lovely terrace wiht a wooden deck, a corner sofa with pastel pillows and blankets, a pink pouf, side tables and potted blooms

a refined shabby chic spring terrace with shabby chic furniture, potted plants and blooms and floral pillows and textiles and greenery around

a rustic spring terrace with a wooden table and wicker chairs, with floral runners and napkins set for a party

a small colorful terrace with simple bright furniture, colorful and striped textiles, storage units and potted greenery and blooms

a super bold spring terrace with greenery and blooms, with colorful textiles, potted plants and colorful pillows

a beautiful neutral feminine terrace with a tiled floor, refined forged furniture with floral upholstery, lots of potted greenery is a gorgeous and sophisticated space

a modern feminine terrace with dark-stained wooden furniture with bold pink upholstery, a glass tiered table and potted blooms and greenery

a bold Mediterranean terrace with a built-in bench with pink upholstery and hot pink curtains, a small roof over the bench and a low coffee table

an eclectic shabby chic terrace with a shabby dining table, chairs and benches, pillows, cushions and bold blooms plus a chic chandelier over the zone

a refined vintage and shabby chic terrace with white furniture, woven chairs, pink floral upholstery and cushions and potted plants and blooms

a bold terrace surrounded with greenery, with neutral furniture, with bright pillows and rugs, a table and bold potted blooms and plants

a bright feminine terrace with white planked tables, woven chairs, floral upholstery and a roof and potted plants and blooms around

a pretty Mediterranean terrace with a forged sofa with neutral upholstery and a pink pillow, potted greenery and a lovely sea view

a pastel vintage terrace surrounded with greenery, with a chandelier and lights over the space, a white forged table and chairs, a pink tablecloth and pink pillows is amazing

a bold floral deck with a low lounger, floral cushions and a bold blanket plus lots of blooms in buckets around

a colorful terrace with a sea view, with a green sofa with pink and green pillows, a low coffee table and a green pouf, pendant lamps and potted blooms

a refined vintage terrace with black forged furniture, lilac and pink pillows, a lace tablecloth and hot pink blooms on the table

a lovely Mediterranean terrace with a black forged daybed with pink and purple pillows, greenery around and a cool sea view is amazing

a super delicate small terrace with lots of greenery, a purple round table and a couple of chairs plus amazing views of the city

a delicate pastel terrace with a green hanging bench with floral and pastel bedding, potted greenery and trees is a lovely space to spend some time

a lovely feminine terrace with stained wood around, with a built-in bench, pink, purple and pastel upholstery, white round coffee tables and white chairs, purple pillows

a chic vintage screen patio with white forged furniture, pastel floral upholstery and pillows, potted blooms and greenery is a lovely nook to relax here

a vintage feminine patio with white wicker furniture, pastel textiles, pillows and blankets, lanterns and potted blooms is sweet and cute

a pink tropical terrace with blakc forged furniture with pink upholstery and pillows, potted plants and blooms is a lovely space to be in

a delicate neutral decor with a console table with blooms, a wicker chair with a pink cushion and some baskets with greenery

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