40 Beautiful Outdoor Dining Spaces In The Garden With A Taste Of Simplicity.

Staying outdoors, enjoy fresh air, sunshine, bright colors of the surroundings, greenery and blooms and even birds singing is amazing, and that’s exactly what we all strive to do in spring and summer, and in other seasons if climate allows. If you love spending time in your outdoor spaces and you happen to own a garden, this roundup can be your source of inspiration as we gathered the coolest garden dining zones. These dining spaces really invite and will make meals even more enjoyable and will make you feel at ease at the same time. Dive in!


Choose a right place in your garden is the key to success, so be careful with this point. Go for some spot under the trees to avoid too much sunlight here, or somewhere in blooms for a secret garden feel or somewhere else, in the place that you consider picturesque.

a beautiful garden dining zone with blue furniture and greenery and blooms plus trees around is chic

a chic dining space under the trees – vintage white garden furniture for a lovely and cool look

a chic rustic dining area with a table and a chair placed under the tree, a candle lantern and a pretty floral tablecloth

a cool dining area with a live edge table and matching metal chairs is a very cozy and cool idea

a cool garden eating space with hanging candleholders, a round table and chairs looks welcoming and cool

a cool rustic dining area with a reclaimed wooden table and rattan chairs and neutral linens is very chic

a cozy and simple dining space right in the garden, with simple wooden dining furniture – a table and benches

a cozy dining area done with IKEA furniture under the trees, with blooms and greenery around is cool

a cozy garden dining space under the tree, on a green lawn, with simple and cute white garden furniture and a ladder

a cozy little dining area with a wooden table, black chairs and lights over it hanging from the tree

a cute eating area with folding chairs and a metal table with lamps hanging from the trees and bright linens is wow

a cute rustic dining space with a table and benches placed right in the greenery and blooms

a cute vintage dining area right in the flowers, with a vintage table and matching pastel chairs plus a crystal pendant lamp

a little garden dining space on a green lawn, under the trees, with hanging candleholders and gold wooden chair plus cool textiles


The furniture you choose will show off the style that you’ve chosen for your outdoor space. It’s usually more or less the same style as indoors to make the spaces cohesive but of course you may try something else. Vintage, shabby chic and rustic are the most popular styles for designing outdoor zones but if you aren’t ready for them, choose what you like – Scandinavian, boho, contemporary, minimalist or any other. Vintage and shabby chic spaces are often done with simple folding or non-folding metal and wood furniture, rustic spaces can feature rattan, wicker, wood and again some painted vintage garden furniture. Modern, Scandinavian, boho spaces can feature wicker and wood, too, but with a proper design.

a little garden eating nook with a metal table and some meatching chairs plus blankets created in blooming surroundings

a little vintage tea space under the trees, with a blue table and vintage chairs plus floral porcelain

a lovely backyard dining space with a table and chairs under the trees, with blooms on the table

a pretty and cool garden dining zone under the tree, with a long table, benches and a stool, pillows and blankets, pendant lamps

a pretty and light eating space with round tables and bright and pastel chairs is easy to compose anytime

a pretty modern farmhouse dining space with a timeless picnic table and spindled Windsor chairs plus textiles

a shabby chic dining area under a blooming tree, with a table, chairs and a bench plus pastel textiles

a simple and cool dining area with folding chairs and a table and potted plants and blooms

a simple dining area with a wooden table and mismatching chairs, a bench with pillows and lights over the table

a simple dining space under a trellis covered with greenery, a rough wooden table and chairs for a rustic feel

a simple rustic dining zone with a round wooden table and wooden chairs, bright garlands over the space and lights

a small and chic garden dining space under blooming bushes, with refined forged garden furniture is cool

Accessories And Light

Take of having enough light in this space if you are going to stay here at night. These can be lights hanging down from the trees, candle lanterns around the table and on it, too, floor lamps of various kinds and so on. Place some citronella candles, you know how bugs can spoil the fun. Accessorize your furniture with comfy blankets, cushions and pillows to make it softer and more comfortable and add a cozy feel.

a small and cool dining eating area with a simple wooden table and chairs under pear trees and on grass is a cool idea

a small and cozy dining space under a blooming tree, with vintage rattan chairs and a mini table, with candle lanterns and potted blooms

a small and cozy garden dining area wiht simple green metal furniture is located under the tree and is very inviting

a small and cute dining space with a wooden table and rattan chairs under the trees is great for meals

a small garden earing space with simple garden furniture, greenery and potted blooms organized under a tree

a tea and dining space with a table with lace and matching refined chairs feels exquisite and vintage

a very simple and cozy eatign space with a wooden dining set placed right in the greenery and blooms is very romantic

a very simple dining area with white garden furniture under the trees is a lovely space to be

a very small and cute dining space with green metal furniture and chairs and lots of blooms around

a vintage rustic dining area with a vintage table and folding wooden chairs, rattan lamps is a very cozy space

a vintage rustic dining space with shabby chic wooden furniture placed right under the blooming trees

a vintage-inspired dining zone with a wooden table and vintage chairs placed under the blooming trees

a welcoming dining zone with a wooden table and wooden and metal chairs, neutral linens and blooming trees aroun

a welcoming modern dining space with elegant teak wood, pillows and blankets and candles on the table

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