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30 great ideas to modernize your country-style terrace.

Modern farmhouse or country style is one of my favorites, it’s extremely cozy, welcoming and it soothes when you stay in such a space. Those cool rustic touches make such a space very inviting, and that’s why many home owners choose it. Rock pretty farmhouse decor not only indoors, extend it outdoors making your deck, patio, terrace, backyard much more welcoming! Here are some ideas how.

Color Schemes

Ok, let’s start form the point that you are creating a modern country terrace. That usually means that your color scheme should be about warm neutrals and earthy tones, all kinds of natural shades like green or blue, or maybe something muted. That doesn’t mean you can’t include other colors here but this is not traditional.

a beautiful farmhouse patio with a wodoen sofa and white rattan chairs, a vintage table, potted plants, colorful bedding and pillows

a boho farmhouse patio with a striped rug, a wicker egg-shaped chair, some baksets, potted blooms and a rustic side table with blooms

a chic modern country terrace with a wooden deck, rattan furniture, small side tables, lots of greenery around and lots of pillows

a cool modern country outdoor living room with neutral woven furniture, printed pillows, a wooden table and potted plants welcomes

a gorgeous farmhouse deck with woven chairs, a hearth and side tables, candle lanterns and an access to the water is ultimate

a modern and bold farmhouse terrace with a black deck, a built-in bench with upholstery, a rattan egg chair, a black planked dining set

a modern country backyard with a wooden deck and clad with tiles, with comfy chairs, a side table, a jute pouf, potted plants and trees

a modern country patio with a birck floor, a built-in bench, a vintage wooden table, some wicker chairs and potted plants and trees

a modern country terrace with a deck, simple wooden furniture and printed textiles, a black side table and candle lanterns and greenery

a modern country terrace with a living roof over the space, a whitewashed dining set with benches and an outdoor living room by the fireplace


I’d recommend to have a deck or to go for some wooden floors, yes, they aren’t durable but they are warm and look very farmhouse-like, and using wood everywhere on the whole will give your space a more farmhouse feel. If you want more privacy and going to have some screens, prefer wooden ones or at least cover them with climbing plants for a more rustic feel. Go for farmhouse-inspired furniture made of wood, pallets, rattan, wicker and cool neutral but printed textiles to make the space more eye-catching. A dining set can be whitewashed or usual, it can also feature benches instead of chairs for a more rustic feel. Don’t skip lights or at least some candle lanterns as light makes the space charming at night and go for potted blooms and greenery to refresh the space and make it feel more outdoorsy in case you don’t have them growing around. Bring in some cute rustic accessories and decorations like baskets for storage, watering cans just for decor and even rubber boots. Look at the ideas below and get inspired to make your own lovely country terrace!

a modern country terrace with a wooden deck, a large rug, a sofa, rattan chairs, a small table and potted plants and cacti

a modern country terrace with a wooden deck, a planked table and chairs, a daybed with bright textiles and lots of greenery around

a modern country terrace with a wooden dining set including benches, potted greenery, candle lanterns and potted trees is cool

a modern country terrace with woven furniture, potted greenery, printed textiles and a chalkboard is a lovely and welcoming space

a modern country terrace with woven loungers, a wooden trestle table, black chairs and potted greenery plus an umbrella over the dining space

a modern farmhouse backyard with a dining set with rattan furniture, a wooden sofa with upholstery, pendant lamps, greenery and bold blooms

a modern farmhouse patio with a roof, a sectional, a copper coffee table, a woven ottoman, a pendant lamp and some plants

a modern farmhouse terrace with a roof and woven lamps, with a rough wood dining set and a hearth is a lovely space to have a meal

a modern farmhouse terrace with a wicker sectional, a fire pit, a rattan chair, an umbrella, potted plants is a lovely space

a modern farmhouse terrace with bamboo furniture, neutral and muted color pillows, lights and greenery over the space

a modern farmhouse terrace with rattan chairs and small rables, pritned textiles, candle lanterns and some potted greenery

a modern rustic terrace with a pallet bench, pretty textiles, a pallet coffee table, a green chair and a hearth plus potted greenery

a modern rustic terrace with a wooden deck, built-in benches with a blanket, a bench with potted plants and some lights over the space

a modern tropical patio with wooden furniture, a woven side table, potted plants, layered rugs and an umbrella over the space

a simple and cozy modern country terrace with a whitewashed wooden dining set and some loungers, some potted plants

a small and cozy farmhouse patio of wood and wicker, with neutral textiles, potted greenery, an umbrella with tassels and a watering can

a small modern farmhouse terrace with mosaic tiles, vintage and modern wooden and rattan furniture, potted plants and blooms and lights over the space

a very simple modern farmhouse terrace with a whitewashed dining set with benches, an umbrella and candle lanterns plus potted greenery

a welcoming modern farmhouse deck with a sofa, some poufs and ottomans, a wooden console and a dining space plus greenery hanging on the wall

an inviting modern country patio with a table and wicker chairs, muted color pillows, potted greenery and candle lanterns plus lights over the space

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