20 Minimalist Interior Designs With Classical Style Harmoniously Combining Tropical Highlights.

As the year changes, architectural and interior design trends still adhere to a minimalist style that is firm, simple, and modern, which has its own charm. Not only has it become a reference for many people until now, minimalist interiors have become part of a lifestyle where everything is easy and fast. However, the use of this minimalist style does not only look perfunctory but adds lots of elements that support aesthetics such as tropical accents.

Minimalist design itself is influenced by a blend of many other styles. It is believed to have started to develop and become popular around the 90s, this minimalist style is heavily influenced from Scandinavian to Japanese (Japanese-Scandinavian) styles. Basically the minimalist style emphasizes functionality over many decorative elements. If you are one of those who are saturated with busy colors or ornaments, then a minimalist interior design is the best choice.

Then, what happens if the minimalist design is combined with a tropical accent which incidentally has a natural feel? Here are some inspirations and prepare to be amazed!

Minimalist design in home interior

As we know, the minimalist style is synonymous with simplicity and functionality, has firm design lines, and modern has an aesthetic appeal. Applying this style to a dwelling has proven to be effective in making it more organized, airy and open while still being attractive in appearance. Comfort is a top priority in a minimalist home, so the use of color is the hallmark of this style. The color palette chosen is usually neutral, muted, and monochromatic. For example, the minimalist style uses a lot of colors like white, gray, black, beige or brown which give off a natural vibe.

Minimalist design is the opposite of the complexity of the design, colors and motifs of a house. The decorations are easy to find, easy to apply, and easy to change to your liking. In its development, the selection of furniture was also considered, namely prioritizing function rather than aesthetics. So, don’t be surprised if you often see sofa beds, folding tables, or Murphy bed beds to saving-space.

The combination of natural elements with tropical accents

As there is a lot of interest in minimalist interior design, many people mix it with wood and natural elements such as indoor plants and wood furniture. At a glance, this interior style reminds us of a tropical accent where you can bring a holiday vibe into the house. The wood element has high usage power so it can be used for a long time. Wood grain motifs and natural colors also provide accents that are not excessive in minimalist dwellings.

Tropical accents bring style and an alluring holiday feel to your home. Furthermore, the tropical style uses various types of tropical plants such as palm trees, ferns, orchids, and even cacti that make the room feel fresher. You can also apply tropical-themed wallpaper or decorative displays with matching accents.

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