When a toddler believes the broken water heater is a robot an adorable conversation ensues (VIDEO).

Robots are nothing short of incredible. Forget about soft toys and dolls. Kids nowadays are growing up in the world of robots. Children of all ages feel they have stepped into the future, surrounded by these intelligent machines.

Kids are fascinated by robots as they look and feel different from humans. Something like this happened to a little girl, Rayna, who met a malfunctioning robot water heater. The 2-year-old playful girl found a water heater out in front of an individual’s driveway.

The broken water heater somewhat resembled a robot. So, when the adorable toddler spotted the machine, she greeted the steel junk by saying, “Hi, robot.” But she affectionately called the machine “Hi wobot,” which sounded very adorable.

Obviously, it was no Wall-E, but no one could blame her. The metallic water heater, placed near the driveway, had several robot-like features. The first attractive thing was the panel connected to the top of the machine.

The malfunctioning water heater’s upper body resembled a human face with two eyes. However, the look was white with black & white eyeballs, and the lower body was made of steel, which made Rayna presume it was a robot.

Little kids like Rayna usually get attached to toys that attribute human characters that they typically see in cartoons. Hence, when the little one found the water heater in the driveway, she thought of it as a cartoon robot with a huggable body.

Rayna was found trying to talk to the robot continuously, saying, “Hi, Robot.” Later, she went ahead and hugged the cute machine and said, “I love you, Robot.” Netizens worldwide are awe-struck by the water heater-loving child who affectionately called the Robot “wobot.”

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