When a child hears his father’s voice for the first time and the next surprise (VIDEO).

Prepare the cuteness meter! A video of little Maju, two months old, and her father, João Botelho, 22, moved Internet users and went viral on social networks in recent days. In the recording, the newborn appears crying, still in the hospital, in Ananindeua, Pará, and her father starts talking to her. “Calm down, calm down, daughter. Calm down, daddy’s little girl. There’s no reason to cry, daddy is already here with you. Can’t you look at daddy?”, says João. Upon hearing his voice, she stops crying and opens her eyes. “You are very beautiful, daughter”, says the father, moving.

The clip was shared by famous profiles on social networks, such as Gina Indelicada, which reached more than 5.5 million views, and Choquei, where it was seen more than 8.2 million times. On Twitter, the video was also very successful. Users were moved by the scene and even had other parents share their own recordings of their children’s births.

For the father, the moment his daughter arrived in the world on November 6, 2022, was very special. “After the cesarean section, I went with the doctor and my daughter to another room, where they placed her in a kind of cradle. Then she was cleaned and weighed and wouldn’t stop crying. After all, the doctor left the room, and it was just me and the baby. I was lost there”, recalls João. So the father decided to pick up his cell phone to record the scene.

“She was crying a lot, and I just had the reaction of trying to calm her down and showing that I was there. She stopped crying and opened her eyes, and I could really see her for the first time. I was already feeling a lot of emotions, but at this point, I got really emotional,” she says. When the newborn calmed down, it was time for her father to burst into tears. “But I didn’t even notice that she calmed down with my voice , it was only two or three days later that I realized what that meant, because everyone was talking about it. I was moved by the moment itself,” she adds.

Even before the daughter was born, the father says he already had the habit of talking to the little one, and he believes that this made all the difference. “I used to talk to her a lot when she was in her belly. I would sing, and if the day had been too difficult, I would even vent to her. I didn’t put much faith in it, but then over time I started to notice that when I talked to her, she moved, gave a few kicks, and I noticed that she moved more when I was the one talking”, says João.

To this day, the father manages to reassure his daughter. “When she is crying, I hold her in my arms, talk to her, and she calms down, this has become routine”, he says. Although he can’t spend the whole day with Maju due to work, João assures him that he tries to be a participatory father and enjoys every second he spends with the baby. “The routine is very hectic, but whenever possible, we are together. My life is work and home, work and home. So, when it happens, we are together, me, her, and my wife”, he points out.

He even notices that his daughter misses him while he’s at work. “It’s funny that when I spend a lot of time away from her, when we meet, she acts very enthusiastic and very happy. I can’t even explain how it is. We are very attached, thank God”, he adds.


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