Unearthing History: Largest Megalodon Shark Tooth Fossil Examination Ever Recorded

Good morning.

We are loading up right now and i already see the first shark tooth.

I find these in my laundry, i find these in my boots and we’re gonna find them today in the shark tooth capital of the world.

We’re going to give it our best.

We are in Venice, Florida, today, getting ready to jump into the Gulf of Mexico with black gold fossil charters.

It’s a hot one, but we are here looking for megalodon shark teeth and other unique marine fossils.

The Gulf also used to extend about 20 miles off of the coastline in the pleistocene 12 000 years ago, so if we get lucky, we might find some unique mammal fossils like mammoth and mastodon as well.

But it is very hot, so we’re gonna get ready, get underwater and in just a few minutes we should be able to show you all some amazing fossils that you can find in.


Florida got some good stuff for sure for it.

It’s in here.

I got my first piece of black gold.

Look at that nice posterior megalodon tooth.

It’s probably about three and a half inches.

We’ll measure it, but this would have been to a big shark.

It would have had five inch interior teeth.

It would have been a 40 foot shark.

Also, it doesn’t matter where i go, it seems like i try to pull up ice age fossils.

So i’ve got a couple broken mammoth teeth.

That would have been really nice with their shamers.

It’s interesting: out here during the pleistocene this is mainly a grassland, so mammoth material is actually pretty common out here, versus browsers like Glyptodon or mastodon.

I got another chunk of a big adult mammoth tooth.

That is awesome.

Really good first dive.

I gotta get out of here so Captain Mike can come up.

Dude, good first dive.

Really good first dive.

Hey, get over here again.

Right, with material as well.

Oh, you did get some mammoth.

That’s really cool.

Oh, it’s really dirty, but oh goodness, that’s a whole tooth.

Dude, you holding out on us a little bit, you’re holding out on us.

He found a whole mammoth tooth.

Look at that.

Oh, come on, wait a minute.

Is that some black gold?

That’s a black one, it’s like Tan gold.

I’m over here showing off my broken mammoth teeth and he’s over here holding back with a real mammoth tooth that is completely whole.

This is the chewing surface, the masticating surface here, but it’s covered in coral and in other growth, some sea growth.

So we’ll clean that up and i’ll show a picture of that after you get to clean up, because that is nice, that’s a sweet tooth.

That is always a really good feeling when you’re finding fossils on the first dive.

But we’ve got all the gear swapped, we’ve got more ground to cover today we’re gonna get back underwater and keep finding some unique fossils.

Hey, good luck, looking forward to what you guys find.

Let’s go.

Uh uh, duh Delicious.

Oh my God, that’s nice.

Let me see if you recognize that.

Is that a?

That’s a canine, is it really?

Yeah, That’s a predator

Canine you do not find.

Predator remains that often we’ve been fighting mammoth and tons of horse today.

But that dude, that is amazing.

I found that it was just laying in the sand, yeah, and i held it the whole time.

I was afraid of breaking it, so bad.

What did he just say?

I said all i found was a measly wolf tooth.

Wait a minute – i didn’t have my first – uh, wait, he said.

He said all he found is a measly wolf tooth.

So you found a wolf tooth.

You found a dire Wolf Tooth.

Woah, Woah, Woah.

I gotta grab something to show you one second.

Stay right there.

Do you want to see another one?

You found one too.

No, wait, you did not.

I thought it was a dolphin tooth.

Wait a minute.

Wait a minute, i’m flipping forward here ready.

Yeah, and its in his bag like regular.

Those are probably associated.

What’s going on right now?

Okay, those are 100% associated, same size.

I don’t care who says no.

Of course i couldn’t be the one to find a wolf tooth.

My boy had to find one too.

That’s awesome, yeah, but how cool is that?

That is amazing.

That is wow.

So unheard of.

That somehow made it even cooler.

See, when he showed me, i didn’t really know what it was.

I’ve never seen one, but those have to be.

They’re the same.

Yeah, They’ve got to be.

They are the same.

We are now Wolf brothers.

You’re a wolf- together forever.

Oh my god, how weird is that?

If you die, i’m taking your tooth.

Well, we’ll have to sign a sheet of paper here.

They’re even worn the same on the inside.

Yeah, They’ve got the same wear, exact same.

That’s unheard of.

That is once in a lifetime kind of moment.

That’s amazing.

You go your whole life and not have something like this happen again.

And if you guys haven’t met Michael before, he’s one of my dive buddies and he’s got a Youtube channel called i hunt dead things, so make sure to check him out as well.

But this is amazing.

If you’re enjoying today’s video and you haven’t subscribed to the channel, please do so.

It helps us out a lot and that way you can keep track of all our adventures like this as we continue to find fossils and hidden treasures throughout the United States.

Today has been amazing so far.

Do we have one more dive left?

We do.

Oh my gosh, we might find some more stuff.

All right, last part of the day, let’s go.

Good luck.

See Ya, buddy, see ya.

It’s always a good feeling to end the day on a find like a megalodon tooth- two of them.

There we go.

Oh, that’s nice.

Yeah, got a little bit of a root ding.

Let’s see, that might be a borehole.

Oh, it’s a bore hole.

It’s acceptable to me now, but that’s a pretty decent meg, really awesome day.

If you guys ever want to get put on these megalodon shark teeth, check out black gold fossil charters, because Captain Michael knows what he’s doing: black gold.

We got a really good diversity of animals today.

I love finding these big triangles, but the Direwolf Material that we found is super rare and the fact that Staab from i hunt dead things and i both got matching canines.

I’m gonna remember this day for a while, but that is a good way to end it

And i guess we’re getting out of here.

For those of you that have stayed with us this long, we are doing something special on the channel.

We are giving away some of these really cool custom designed fossil themed shirts that were designed by Chad here from Fossilhogcom.

All you have to do-

And this is real simple- to enter is go to his website, which is linked in the description below, Fossilhogcom.

Find your favorite shirt there, come back to our channel, comment what that shirt is and i will enter you into the giveaway to win one of these shirts.

They’re all

Custom designed, one of a kind fossil themed shirts, and i’ve got like three now

And i love them.

Really cool shirts.

You’ll be seeing them more on the channel and, as always, guys, thank you so much for watching and keep on digging science.

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