This Man Filmed a Strange UFO Coming Out Of a Chemtrail

When most people see white stripes in the sky, they imagine they’re seeing the path of a just past jet. The truth, on the other hand, may be quite different, proof of a diabolical strategy to control the populace. According to scientists, the contrails that accompany an airplane are ice crystals that develop when it rises to 30,000 feet in freezing conditions.

Those who believe in the “chemtrails” notion, on the other hand, The difference, they claim, is that stelae vanish practically instantaneously, but chemtrails linger and extend for hours. As a result, it would be proof that these man-made contrails in the sky contain chemicals intended to poison people or control their minds. A UFO may be seen emerging from a chemtrail in this footage.

Chemtrails, on the other hand, are not simply a hypothesis; they are a fact. The top-secret project “Operation Cumulus” was successfully completed by the British government in 1952. To influence the weather, the researchers “planted clouds.” The British experiment was significantly more effective than intended. They produced fatal floods in Lynmouth, Devon, England, on August 15, 1952. “Operation Cumulus” was shut down after dozens of people died in the floods.

Until 2001, when the documents that showed it were released, the British Ministry of Defense denied its involvement in “cloud seeding.” As a result, some of the chemtrails that we see in the sky are more than just contrails. Is there, however, a link between chemtrails and UFOs now? Perhaps a new video on the Internet depicting a UFO emerging from a chemtrail will dispel our concerns.

Chemtrails and UFOs

When I videotaped a UFO, a man who runs a YouTube channel about Bigfoot “chased” chemical trails, in what may be termed an uncommon convergence of conspiracy ideas. Marc Abell, the host of the “Colorado Bigfoot” channel, was filming above Vail, Colorado, when a jet left a wake behind him.

The variations in color and form in the wake, according to Abell, indicated that the plane was spraying something other than water vapor and engine exhaust. However, you can plainly see a weird white object that comes along the wake at one point.

In the video, Abell declares, “I have it.” “It’s sprinkling.” Take a look at what they’re doing to us, gentlemen. What’s going to happen next? What’s that, guys? It’s too wild.”

The investigator chooses to abandon the plane and pursue the UFO instead. Abell waited until he couldn’t see him any more, then returned the next day, at the same time, to observe the same thing. If it was a covert military jet or an alien ship, it appeared to move beneath the chemtrail in the video, despite being considerably smaller than the plane.

Some conspiracy theorists are now claiming that this video proves a link between UFOs and chemtrails. These strange flying things appear to be originating (or being drawn) by chemical trails or persistent trails, and they look to be conducting some sort of activity within them. Everything seems to point to the fact that they are robotic in nature.

UFOs in chemtrails are said to be surrounded by a gaseous material and/or reflecting or light-emitting surface that includes one or more spherical objects, according to experts. They’re presumably self-propelled and don’t fall out of the sky easily. These devices have the capacity to fly in and out of chemical trails, sometimes known as chemtrails.

Although it’s possible that its origin isn’t alien. DARPA, the US Department of Defense organization in charge of developing new technologies for military application, is working on a number of robotic “smart dust” research projects, some of which are microscopic to half a centimeter in size and can interact with one another and do various jobs.

What do you think about a UFO emerging from a chemtrail now that you have all of this information?

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