They Managed To Record Two Impressive “TR-3B Ships” Flying At High Speed

They Managed To Record Two Impressive “TR-3B Ships” Flying At High Speed

On social media, a variety of videos and photographs of UFOs have been posted, with the writers claiming to have seen the weird objects in the sky.

We discussed Jeremy Corbell and the US Navy’s disclosure of a film a few days ago.

And we recently discussed the amazing sighting of a triangular object emerging from the moon.

We now have something strange and quite apparent in front of us. Since the recording took place on September 18, 2013, allegedly east of Wittenberg, Germany, if these were “alien spacecraft,” they are not hiding from anything.

If we look at earthly spacecraft in the form of a triangle, like the TR3-B, we can observe that they contain unknown technology, which may be seen in a snippet of the tape.

Is it possible that we’re dealing with something real? Although some of the material dates from 2013, such as the persecution of an item resembling Puerto Rico’s ‘tik tak,’ the dates are irrelevant; what matters is that the truth be known.

By the skill with which they act, two ships comparable to the TR-3B may be detected in the movie, an astounding show of high technology never seen before.

If this is authentic, it is without a doubt the finest UFO recording we have ever seen.

The remarks on this footage vary from the pace at which one of the ships travels to the possibility that it is a drone.

Is this, however, the form of a drone? That is the most important question. What are we up against? Is this a real or fraudulent 2013 calendar?

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