They discover a legendary river of boiling water in the Amazon


* The river was a mystery for years, but it was finally discovered in the middle of the Amazon jungle, after centuries of legends.

The boiling river of Mayantuyacu, named by the locals as Shanay Timpishka, is located in the district of Honoria, department of Huánuco. Mayantucayu is a center for the study of medicinal plants in which science is mixed with tradition to explore all the benefits of the flora that grows here.

A large number of plants have been analyzed at the site. Such is the diversity that, according to experts, this forest has more than 70 species per square meter.

Where does the water of this boiling river come from?

Herein lies the great mystery. Although it would be normal for this hot water to come from a nearby volcano, the reality is that in this case it is not.

The geologists who study the area, among whom Andrés Ruzo stands out, have a theory: the water of the boiling river comes from Andean glaciers and enters deep areas of the earth, where it reaches this temperature.

Andrés Ruzo always thought that the existence of a boiling river in the Amazon was nothing more than a legend.

However, his work as a geologist with a grant from National Geographic led him to that natural wonder where, according to what he told BBC Mundo:

“He would like to take all the children of the world, so that they can see how wonderful our planet is“.
To study the place, Ruzo had to receive the blessing of a shaman, who gave him a condition so that the waters could find their way back to his home.

The young scientist spoke to BBC Mundo about his fascinating story about that unique site whose indigenous name means “boiled with the heat of the Sun”.

However, and like all mysteries, the Mayantuyacu boiling river also has its own mythological story that explains its origin.

According to the inhabitants of the area, who attribute numerous healing powers to the river, this water was created by a huge snake called Yacumama (mother of the waters), an animal that is represented by a large rock in one of the limits of the river. .

Be that as it may, the origin of these hot waters is still not known with certainty and experts on the subject continue to study this unique river.

It is clear that it is not the ideal place to swim, but it is to wonder about such a strange mystery of Nature.

Several specialists have carried out chemical analyzes of the water to try to clarify the cause of such a high temperature.

One theory was that some kind of burning oil or gas underground heated the water from below.

Surprisingly, the result determined that the water is meteoric, that is, coming from the rain.

Of course, it doesn’t come scalding down from the clouds.

Scientists believe that once on land it filters into the subsoil, where geothermal energy from pre-Amazon times is still preserved. There are many explanations, however, the mystery is still unsolved.

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