There Are Some Strange Ways To Summon The Mysterious Shadow People – But You Shouldn’t Do It

Since 2001, there have been a few texts that teach us how to summon shadow people.

Occultists argue that shadow people are as ancient as mankind itself, despite the fact that we only heard about them in 2001. I’m sure there are wonderful occultists out there that are experts on the shadow people.

If you have the right tools and mentality, summoning a shadow person is simple.

The rituals used to summon shadow persons are different from those used to summon a departed person.

Even though they share certain characteristics with ghosts and spirits, shadow people are not the same.

Some occultists think that shadow persons are astral projections, while others believe that they are aspects of a departed person’s energy.

All you need is a bad attitude, a few black candles around the room, and at least one mirror to summon the shadow people. Then all you have to do is wait for the room to become frigid.

Shadow people are drawn to negativity.

Negativity is one of the most important ingredients in their summoning.

Negative energy attracts the worst in people. The Hat Man is one of the most commonly called and observed shadow figures, and seeing him necessitates a certain level of negativity.

Those who come from broken homes are more prone to summon the Hat Man.

Duncan Conner has a page dedicated to the shadow people on his website.

He talks about his meeting with the Hat Man on his website, as well as how it has shown itself in other members of the Connor family.

Duncan thinks that a warring wife will attract the Hat Man when he is summoned. The cellar should be packed with cobwebs, dust, and dark lighting to invite a shadow man to appear.

Wiccan magic may be used to conjure shadow people.

Shadow people are created by Wiccan witches using a simple ritual. You’ll need an empty room, black candles, and crystals. The next stage is to close your eyes and sit quietly in a corner of the room.

Then concentrate your thoughts and energy on contacting the shadow people, attracting his attention, and using your hand to check the temperature in your room, anticipating a drop in temperature. You should be aware that the shadow is approaching if you feel chilly. You’ll hear whispers and see evil figures in your mind’s eye.

When you think you’ve made contact, ask him for help and speak with him. If anything terrible happens, you should also be ready to hurl the crystal on the ground, open your eyes, and blow out the candles (like, if the shadow tries to possess you).

A shadow figure can also be summoned via the Djinn summoning technique.

Some Asian occultists think that a shadow person is the same as a Djin, and that they may both be summoned using the same method. A ritualic table must be put up for this.

A mirror should be placed in the center of the table, with one black candle in each corner. A wooden bowl, natural stones, a silver ring, and a piece of natural paper with the Djin or Shadow Person’s symbol. Fill the bowl with salty water, light the candles, and relax into a meditative state once everything is in place.

Many spells can help you summon the shadow, but it’s crucial that you really request him to emerge. Simply blow out the candles and tell him to leave to rescind the invitation at any moment.

Let the Shadowman know how long you plan on staying.

Actually, by banging on the table and informing him that one knock equals one hour, you may welcome him and tell him how long he needs to stay. Don’t go overboard with the knocking, or he’ll spend too much time in the ritual chamber with you.

The ceremony varies based on the background and psychic abilities of the individual performing the invocation. It is desirable to have a large crowd in the ritual area while conducting these invocations, according to practitioners of the dark arts, because the shadow people love a huge audience.

“Shadowman, Shadowman, he despises the day, Shadowman, Shadowman, come out and play,” they sang in a protective circle. Someone must tap on the table once or twice while someone is singing.

After then, the Shadowman will appear in the mirror. You will be swept into the mirror if you touch the mirror when the Shadowman is in it.


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