The Kyshtym Being: Dwarf, Alien Or What Exactly Was That Mysterious Creature?

The Kyshtym Dwarf, also known as Alyoshenka (a diminutive of the Russian male first name Alexey), is a humanoid artifact found in 1996 on the outskirts of Kyshtym in the hamlet of Kaolinovy in the Chelyabinsk region of Russia, depicting unexplained mummified remains of biological origin.

In May 1996, a mentally ill pensioner named Tamara Vasilyevna Prosvirina observed a strange “creature” in the hamlet of Kaolinovoe near Kyshtym. A lonely retiree got a “telepathic order” to get up and go to the cemetery right away.

The retiree, however, visited the cemetery often owing to a mental illness, picking flowers and even carrying photographs of the dead to the home from the monuments.

Tamara Vasilievna was normally calm, did not offend anybody, and only visited a mental facility in times of extreme stress. So it’s no surprise that the dark night of “strolling” through the cemetery didn’t bother her.

Another oddity: the lady found the person who had contacted her when she attended to the “call.” The kind old lady decided to take the little creature with huge eyes home with her, wrapping it in some kind of fabric, feeding it, and christening her “new son” Alyoshenka.

Tamara’s unusual child was only with her for three weeks. Neighbors started to notice something unusual about her behavior: where have you ever seen an elderly lady giving birth? The residents went to the doctors, who placed the old lady in a mental institution. She cried and said that a child had been left alone in her house…

Tamara, on the other hand, had neither visual or auditory hallucinations. A strange creature was seen by Galina Alferova, her daughter-in-law and a relative.

But the busy ladies didn’t give the “unknown little animal” much attention since it was doing nothing wrong: it was sucking on caramel, curd, and milk while drinking water from a spoon.

After being abandoned in an empty home without even the most basic of care from his grandmother, the strange “baby” died.

“Alyoshenka” was discovered during a search. The skin of a little body was wrinkled and dry, with numerous wrinkles.

Following that, a team of experts, including pathologists and gynecologists, examined the body and declared that it was neither human nor newborn. He had a completely distinct look from the rest of the group.

The bones and cranium were not human-like in appearance. It is difficult to change to such a degree, even if a species can mutate exceedingly strongly.

The bones piqued the curiosity of ufologists, who were given the name “Alyoshenka” since it wasn’t a human body. For a long time, the mummies passed from hand to hand, then disappeared… Although one “New Russian” from Yekaterinburg maintains it is in his personal collection, ufologists believe it was abducted by aliens.

However, pinpointing the precise location of the strange species is difficult.

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