The International Space Station Witnessed A Massive UFO That Was Traveling Over Our Planet And Was 3,000 Miles Wide (Video)

This 3,000-mile-wide UFO was initially observed by NASA in 2013. They initially announced it during the Brasilia Planetarium Presentation in 2013, but ever since they made it known to the public, people have been wondering about it.

We do know that they are a species of beings we cannot mess with, even though we are unsure of what they want or why they were floating over the Earth.

Given that it was secretly circling over us, it shouldn’t be a surprise that it’s an enemy of some sort, spying on us to determine whether or not we’re a worthwhile foe.

Is it conceivable that it’s some form of mothership? Certainly, say scientists. Its size alone will scare off any possible intruders.

We can’t picture a creature race employing this as their primary vessel; they would need to be large or extraordinarily numerous to begin with.

Some claim that the well-known Oumuamua is the main factor. What do you think about this incredible finding, though?


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