Sweet scene: The boy wishes for a doll photo that leads to noble teachings

As the proprietor of Ashley Mae Photography, the Shelbyville, Indiana, photographer makes use of her abilities. Images of the lovely outcomes rapidly went popular after being posted on Facebook, proving that dolls can make excellent playmates for young boys as well.

Ashley said, “My husband is in the military, so when he is deployed, I like to take our kids to Walmart to buy them something special to brighten their day or make them feel better.”

Jynsen walked down the doll aisle while we were browsing through “boys’ toys.” When he mentioned wanting a doll, he pointed to his new best companion, Three, and picked out a stroller and bottles for her.

Although Ashley is unsure of the origin of the name Three, she has no doubt that Jynsen shares a special connection with her. When Jynsen asked Ashley if they could arrange a photo session, Ashley sprang into action.

The mother of three explained, “I wrapped Three in a stretchy wrap and gave Jynsen instructions during our session.”


Ashley agrees, “He’s used to being in front of my camera and is a natural model, so this session was pretty typical; we just added his ‘baby’ into the mix.”

Since the photo series went viral, Ashley has received a mix of positive and negative comments.

Ashley declared, “While we’ve received a lot of love from so many people around the world, we’ve also received some negative comments and even messages about him playing with a doll, and a doll of a different race, but I will always stand up for him.”

“I am teaching him to love regardless of race. I am instructing him to stand tall when necessary.”

While Jynsen enjoys riding his motocross bike and playing in the mud, his mother Ashley recognizes that he has a softer side, which is a positive trait.

She said, “There’s nothing wrong with him playing with a doll, and he will grow up to be a very caring and affectionate person, and possibly a father if he so desires, but I’ll leave that decision in his hands.”


“It was essential for me to share my perspective to show that it’s acceptable to play with a variety of toys. Toys have no gender distinctions. If they wish, boys should be able to play with dolls and kitchen sets, while girls should be allowed to play with trucks and tools. I abhor how many people have preconceived notions of what is ‘normal.’ My son will become more compassionate and loving as a result of playing with dolls.”

Jynsen’s father has returned from deployment, and Three has received slightly less attention. However, Ashley always cherishes these heartwarming photographs. Keep reading to see this meaningful photo series.

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