Strange Winged Creature Was Filmed! Angel, Demon, Ancient God or Something Else?

A user on a social media platform captured something very weird. It has to do with what seems to be a flying monster. Richard Christianson was puzzled when he observed a very tall humanoid creature with wings on the street.

The photographs went viral as soon as Richard released them on the internet. Ufologists and paranormal enthusiasts all around the globe are fascinated by this flying creature. Richard sought the advice of anybody who could assist him in determining what type of entity he was astonished by.

Some of the “experts” speculated that the creature was a winged demon. Others have speculated that this being is the Ra God.

But, these days, why would God Ra fly over a city? Another faction believes that the “End of Days” is near and accepts the apocalyptic idea.

The picture does not seem to have been edited in Photoshop or any other comparable application upon closer inspection. There’s also a more conventional theory.

Richard would have done anything to become famous, according to one online user who believes what you see in the picture is really a palm tree. We can’t be certain about this theory, either.

Take a look at the video below to see for yourself:

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