SpaceX Release Pictures of a UFO Or Asteroid Entering the Earth Atmosphere

This picture of a UFO or asteroid, like a fireball, entering Earth atmosphere has been taken by private space company SpaceX, a famous company that is trying to open ways for the colonization of Mars and other planets.

Ufologists all around the world believe that the company owned by Ilona Mask is hiding very important information from the world community. Ufologists refuse to believe that such an important company like this has not yet established contacts with extra-terrestrial civilizations.

However, the interesting picture provided by SpaceX shows an object entering the atmosphere of the Earth. At first, it may look like an asteroid, but researchers quickly rejected such a theory.

The strange object featured a blue-red tail and asymmetrical head and looked like a metallic octopus with bright orange nuances in the middle. Could it be that an alien aircraft of “green men” fly our planet in May? Or maybe it was the SpaceX itself returning from space? Many conspirators believe that the SpaceX is just a cover for the US government program for the study of extra-terrestrials.

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