Secrets From Vatican: Ancient Forgotten Manuscript Reveals That Human Beings Have Supernatural Powers

There is an energy grid that connects everything in the universe. Our bodies, minds, and souls all include this matrix. To be sure, it’s a great matrix. In 1944, Max Planck, the inventor of quantum physics, said that the whole world and existence are constituted completely of energy, and that matter is nothing more than a phantasm.

Max Planck accidentally unveiled the holy matrix, which is made up entirely of pure energy. Gregg Braden, a researcher who has spent more than 20 years researching this matrix, discovered that we live in a vibrating universe in which everything vibrates and is linked by these vibrations.

We can’t identify this matrix at the microscopical level since it’s made entirely of energy threads and branes that vibrate at various frequencies rather than a material matrix. Braden also observed that our ideas and feelings have their own frequencies. Love is the purest and most powerful energy of all, with the ability to cure any illness.

Our DNA changes in reaction to the vibrations we make, according to many scientific research. Hatred, greed, and other negative emotions destroy DNA as well as create illness. We have the power to either heal or harm people.

Quantum scientists have also found that by rearranging the energy matrix according to our wants, we may build reality, the reality we want to create for ourselves. Naturally, this involves the application of certain meditation and prayer techniques. Although Jesus has mentioned it, he has not given us clear instructions on how to alter our own reality as we see fit.

The Catholic church has suppressed this knowledge for hundreds of years, but in 1946, a farmer discovered tens of scrolls in the Qumran caves, including The Book Of Isaia, which teaches us how to alter our own reality via prayers and rituals.

The Book of Isaia, a more than 2000-year-old text, explains what quantum theories just revealed 100 years ago: that there are many other worlds and universes that may be created with concentrated effort.

This is a very important book for humanity now since mankind is asleep and at the mercy of various spiritual beings that influence us to make whatever they desire.

In the Book of Isaia, there is a prayer that will assist us in awakening and breaking free from the shackles of ignorance that governments and religions have enslaved us with.

We must begin to practice this prayer and recognize that we are the makers of our own reality, according to Braden.

According to Braden, the key to unleashing the power of that prayer is to already believe in the world we envision.

Another source informed me that the prayer must be repeated for at least 40 days in succession, during which time you must not be disturbed and have your future in mind and heart.

Because spoken words are the most powerful kind of energy capable of influencing reality, this prayer must be delivered in a calm but firm tone.

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